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Revolutionary breathing device offers solution to COVID-19 pandemic

Press Release: March 28, 2020

 Medi-Immune, Ltd., have today revealed ProtectivAir®, a breathing device which has proven effective against viral and bacterial pathogens and is expected to be similarly effective against SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19). The compact, wearable device can protect front-line healthcare staff and those in biologically compromised environments and is currently pending final testing at Public Health England (PHE) to confirm full protection against COVID-19.

ProtectivAir® is an all-British invention, patented internationally, and represents a paradigm shift in respiratory protection.  It utilizes UVc, which has long been known as a way to sterilize surfaces and instruments, but with a novel application to sterilize air that is inhaled by the wearers of the device.

ProtectivAir® features several crucial protection elements:

  • Disabling airborne pathogens before they are inhaled
  • Protecting the user from infection as validated by testing at PHE’s Porton Down facility
  • Requiring no filters, thus providing superior leakage protection than existing mask systems
  • Triggering an immune response to exposed pathogens (a feature currently under final testing and approval)*

ProtectivAir® offers superior protection over standard N95/99 and FFP3 facemasks, as well as much improved breathability and ease of use for the wearer. There is no requirement for fit testing; it is completely re-useable and internally self-sterilizing and maintains its protective function (unlike conventional facemasks).

“Infectious diseases emerge at a frequency of one every 8 months, and emerging respiratory diseases do, and will, continue to cause havoc within the world’s population, as is currently happening with COVID-19,” says Medi-Immune Board Chairman, Tim Bretherick.  “However ProtectivAir®’s long shelf-life also means it can be stockpiled for use in future outbreaks, helping avoid a repeat of the chaos the world is currently experiencing.”

ProtectivAir® is now fully developed and, with appropriate resources, could be put into full production within a matter of weeks to provide life-saving protection long before the production and deployment of a vaccine becomes available.

*The clinical “in vivo” testing using the Influenza virus at PHE also concluded that ProtectivAir® is 99% likely to provide the user of the device with immunity from any airborne pathogen to which he is exposed.  Medi-Immune is currently working with PHE to conduct the further human testing needed to confirm this claim definitively. If proven, this immune stimulation effect offers a rapid solution to emerging pathogens, as it would eliminate the need to develop, manufacture and disseminate a conventional vaccine.


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PHE Test results: https://bit.ly/39jsXyz

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