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Press Release: July 29, 2020


Reviewedcompanies.com was founded in 2018 in Birmingham, UK as a reviews platform where consumers can share their  honest first-hand experience with a business or service and within a context. Consumers have to select the relevant category and sub category of their review to help readers and reviewed businesses understand the context of their feedback.

There are six main categories for reviews at reviewedcompanies.com:

1. The business customer service
2. Working for the business - including job application and interviews
3. The business products and services - including previous customers, members or users.
4. Doing business with them, such as sub contractors and suppliers.
5. Nuisance and harassing calls - from telesales to intimidating or abusive calls.
6. Business fraud or scams



Reviewers can also add their category if it's not listed. Each category has a comprehensive list of sub categories, such as investment scams, employment scams
and online shopping scams for 'Business fraud or scams' category.


With  the required review category, consumers have to give a star rating from one to five and add their feedback.

Reviewers can choose to recommend regardless of the given star rating.

Anyone who owns or manage a business can add a business listing to Reviewedcompanies.com, but to claim and manage a business profile , business owners have to use a company email address to prove their ownership of the business. The email domain must match the website domain.



Only claimed business profiles can reply to reviews and dispute a review they think it's not genuine.


Using a responsive and customizable slider widget, business owners can showcase their reviews across pages of their website.


Reviewedcompanies.com is completely free as in free beer and there are no extra fees for using extra features or different plans as in other reviews websites.

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Faiz Haji

Tel: 01217690969

Email: contact@reviewedcompanies.com

Visit the newsroom of: Faisal Haji