Home Revealed: What The Nation Actually Wants Post-Lockdown

Revealed: What The Nation Actually Wants Post-Lockdown

Press Release: March 01, 2021

A new report reveals the nation’s feelings on Boris’s Roadmap, the top interests across England and where the party is on June 21st.

Within the 24 hours after the Prime Minister revealed his roadmap to freedom, Auxo used social listening across Twitter and a deep dive into Talkwalker search trends in England, to pull the nation’s top interests.

Top Finds 

Top place for positive public interest, with 70% of conversations showing positive sentiment, was Festivals

Additionally, the public showed the most positive interest in: 

  • Seeing Friends (42.2%)
  • Hug (43.1%)
  • Nails (39.3%) 
  • Weddings (38.7%)
  • Picnics (38%) 
  • Gigs (35.5%). 

Displeased with the Prime Minister’s plans, negative chatter spiked around: 

  • Nursing Homes (59.4%)
  • Barbers (47%)
  • Schools (39.3%)
  • Restaurants (38.7%)

There was clear differentiation in subjects that men and women were interested in:


  • Nails (71.2% female led)
  • Festivals (59.7%) 
  • Hugs (57.6%) 


  • Nightclubs (72.6% male led)
  • Barbers (66.8%)
  • Gigs (64%)

Despite such a high percentage of men talking about Nightclubs, only 8.5% of conversations were actually positive. 

Age made a difference: 

  • Karaoke was the word at 25-34 year old’s fingertips, holding 73.8% of all conversations, whereas 18-24 year old’s were most captured by Tattoos, holding 49%.  

Pulling data on search trends, Auxo also found out what the the nation really wants to know: 

The UK wants (and deserves) a bank holiday! “June 21st Bank Holiday” rose +550% in searches, and Google Trends had “June bank holiday” as a breakout search term. 

The party location is looking likely to be Shoreditch, with google trends ranking “Shoreditch” as a breakout term surrounding June 21 searches.

  • Top related search terms being “B@1 Shoreditch”, “The Prince” and “Dishoom Shoreditch Booking”. 

Other Shoreditch hot spots look likely to be: 

  • “Golden bee shoreditch” rising +950%
  • Casa do frango shoreditch” +300%, 
  • “Bar elba” +850%
  • “Bounce shoreditch” +650%
  • “Rooftop bars shoreditch” +600%
  • “Cargo shoreditch” +600%. 
  • The full name terms for “Be at one shoreditch” still beats them all with +1,300%! 

Not to be missed, looking like those sunny spaces up top will have a summer moment, with “Rooftop bars london” rising +850%. 

Through all their booking panic, Brits didn’t forget their humour with “21 june memes” and “June 21 meme” rising +250% and +200% respectively. 

Meanwhile, some of us were just trying to work out what all the fuss was about, with “What happens on june 21” rising +180%. 

Most engaged tweets

  • Memes took the spotlight, with Dan Whitlock’s Ant & Dec surprise taking top spot for trending meme. 

Full data and methodology, alongside further Most Engaged Tweets can be accessed at:  https://theauxo.com/blog/the-festivals-the-pub-and-the-gym-heres-what-the-nation-actually-wants-in-life-after-lockdown 
Graphics can be found here: https://bit.ly/3qSz4n3 

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