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Resto. Countless Ingredients, Added To Every Plate

Press Release: January 10, 2016

Your restaurant is now at your consumers’ fingertips…literally. Introducing Resto, the digital application that allows your guests to fully experience your restaurant. Let us start with a few appetizers.

With Resto, you can upload your entire menu and edit it as you please; anytime and with no added cost. Display it along with its promotions and highlighted items through images, slide shows or videos. Fully customize every page including item layout and pattern, background design, font, size and theme. Incorporate your brand identity and logo colors. Pin and unpin any item from and to the main page with a single click. Emphasize, sort and group your dishes with the simple drag and drop of your finger. Better yet, make your sponsors very happy with an entire section exclusively dedicated to their advertising and promotional material.

On to the main course; Resto displays all the details of every dish, including its description, ingredients, dietary information, cooking method, price, etc. You can highlight, recommend and pair side dishes, beverages and desserts with your main dishes for a mouthwatering preview of what's to serve. For added ease, Resto features a search bar at the top of the page that provides consumers with the convenience of instant selection in addition to a search filter that sorts items by price, calories, ingredients, etc.

We could not possibly wrap this up without dessert now, could we? By all means; Resto works on all Windows supported tablets, display screens and kiosks (interactive display units), irrespective of their size and type. It also allows customers to check menus in a variety of languages.

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