Press Release: April 14, 2010

While sleeping, perspiration is produced and condenses as it hits the cold bed base. The moisture then wicks into the mattress base, causing damp and the resulting build up of mould and mildew produces a musty smell in the cabin. Leading the market as the best solution available to damp mattresses and cushions, DRY-Mat is a thin flexible layer made up of thousands of individual micro springs which is easily cut to the size and shape of the mattress with kitchen scissors. DRY-Mat, as it yields to pressure points created through movement whilst sleeping, creates an escape route for moisture, preventing condensation build-up and mould and mildew formation.

Paul Hallatt, managing director of Ship Shape Bedding, suppliers of DRY-Mat, comments: "We experimented with over 80 versions of similar spacer fabrics before settling on this version. From experience we have found that not all things that look the same perform the same. DRY-Mat is the cost effective solution to damp mattresses with none of the disadvantages of expensive wooden slats. Not only is it a more effective solution to the problem but it is easier to fit and about half the cost of slats. The flexibility afforded by being able to cut the DRY-Mat to create a bespoke ventilation system which allows access to under-mattress lockers and mattress fiddles is invaluable and also means that DRY-Mat can be used under seats, behind seats, under cockpit cushions and under lockers; in fact anywhere where damp can accumulate and cause a problem."

DRY-Mat also has the added benefit of providing a significant additional cushioned layer under the mattress for a more comfortable night's sleep, a major advantage and contributing factor to a successful and enjoyable day sailing. And as DRY-Mat does not degrade or lose structure over time, it can be left in place for years to come leaving you confident that your mattress is protected whether in frequent usage in high sailing season or in mid-winter shut down. DRY-Mat can also be machine washed up to 60oC, to keep clean and kill bed mites.

Paul concludes: "Fitting Dry-Mat is one of the rare five-minute jobs on board a boat that does actually only take five minutes and you don't even need your tool kit to do it! All you need to do is mark the outline of the bed base on the DRY-Mat and use household scissors to quickly and easily cut the DRY-Mat to size. It is not even necessary to fix DRY-Mat to the base of the bed, but should you wish to double-sided tape or a staple gun will do the job."

DRY-Mat is just over 2 metres long and comes in three convenient sizes (1.0m; 1.5 and 2.1m) which makes it suitable for single, double or oversized beds. Prices are £45, £60 and £79.00 respectively.

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