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Responsive Web Content Management Simplified

Press Release: June 12, 2015


Creating a professional website has never been easier! Onison is proud to announce its biggest upgrade to its Content Management System, TAGGON – it now facilitates lead generation, search engine optimization, and responsive output that adjusts to any screen size on the market (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, etc.).

In order to reach a global audience, establishing a strong online presence is fundamental. However, creating a website is only the first step of the process. Optimizing your webpage so that it can be found on search engines is paramount to ensuring traffic to your site. Taggon is fully optimized for SEO - your pages become visible to search engines, even if you only take care of the minimum registration requirements. The Taggon interface offers easy to use tools that allow you to manage search engines actively and aggressively.

Write directly on webpages, edit fonts, alter images (crop, alignment, wrapping), and insert metadata through the TAGGON editor that empowers non-technical users without them having to access code. Alternatively, technically savvy users can access the full Xaraya CMS back end. TAGGON is integrated with Onison’s ImageDirector Media Asset Management system to allow for easy access and utilization of digital assets.

Now that you have optimized your new responsive website, wouldn't it be great to know who visits your pages? TAGGON is integrated with a lead generation tool that detects visitors and their navigation path around your site. The lead generation tool not only identifies visitors, it allows you to easily measure marketing campaigns via landing pages.

For a free trial, please visit www.onison.com

About Onison: For over 15 years, Onison has been serving some of the largest organizations in the world. They offer the only web based Digital Asset Management System with multi-directional drag-and-drop capabilities. The company addresses the needs of brand management with services for digital asset management, Web-to-Print, automated catalogue production, POS tagging, Web-to-TV, and digital signage.

Mr. Fraser Vaage, Communications, Fraser@onison.com, phone +1 604 681 4191 or +41 41 766 1080

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