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Responsible Group Launch Reverse Mortgage Drawdown Clock

Press Release: March 09, 2010

Typically involved in 65% of all online equity release enquiries, Responsible feel they have lots to offer the online USA market and are staying true to their philosophy of providing plentiful free information to their visitors.

Steven Wilkie, Technical Director of Responsible Equity Release has this to say:

Our UK success has been as a result of our willingness to give out for free what others charge for. We answer hundreds of requests a day for our free equity release guide and developed the industry first comparison calculator a tool which illustrates the potential loan amounts available from different leading providers.

It seems more internet marketers are recognizing the demanding nature of online enquirers. Paul Starkey of Neo-G, a leading sports supports brand states:

Customers know what they want and know they shouldn't have to pay for any kind of information on the net. Businesses who fail to understand this will find themselves out of business, sharpish.

Very much in line with their philosophy, the Responsible Group have made their first step into the US market with a free informational website on reverse mortgages, http://www.mortgagewiser.com

Steven Wilkie claims that its business as usual:

In line with our strategy, we have worked with a leading Stanford University statistics professor to develop an industry first Reverse Mortgage Drawdown Clock showing visitors at a glance, how many reverse mortgages are currently being taken out in the USA along with their value. The short-attention span of the internet user means they don't want to have to wade through official publications to scope the state of the industry. With our clock, they can be provided with the information they want, free of charge and at a glance.

Responsible seems to be the buzzword of the recessionary times and is bandied about without much thought behind its meaning. For Steven Wilkie, knowledge appears to be the foundations for acting responsibly.

We are committed to Responsible lending. In our eyes, this means the customer must have access to the information required to make an informed and responsible decision. We will continue to provide free tools to achieve this goal.

From this perspective, the Responsible Group seem committed to adding value and insight into an industry often painted as being confusing, which can only be a good thing.

The drawdown clock can be seen ticking away at http://www.mortgagewiser.com/reverse-mortgage-drawdown-clock.html

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