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Reputed Breast Doctor Mr. D B Ghosh Advices on Controlling Emotions When Gene Mutations are Tested Positive

Press Release: September 07, 2016

The lethal disease of cancer invariably takes a severe psychological toll not only on an affected individual but also on his or her family members across the generations. Modern treatment for the killer disease includes sophisticated testing procedures to determine whether or not an individual has inherited mutation genes, namely BRCA1 and BRCA2, which are responsible for cancer. This testing process and its result often trigger severe emotional strain in any family.

Based on his years of experience in treating breast cancer patients, Mr. D B Ghosh – the renowned breast surgeon at Harley Street – has some suggestions about how to control the emotions from flying high in such circumstances. “The point is not just about having the test; it is about having the clarity about what to do in case one is tested positive for BCRA mutation or any other mutation. What I have seen over the years as a cancer specialist, unfortunately, is the majority of folks are unaware about what the next step should be in case they are tested positive. This lack of knowledge or clarity about the next step of action makes the way for the human emotions to fly high for those people as well as their family members,” points out Mr. Ghosh.

He suggests reading and gathering as much information as possible help to draw the line of action to combat the disease. “Remember, treatment for breast cancer has unbelievably improved these days. If it is detected early, there is practically no chance why a patient cannot be cured. Rather than being upset about the clinical findings, set up meeting with genetic counselor and try to get involved with a support group around your locality. Just anyone who is determined to take the test should shoulder these responsibilities first,” points out Mr. Ghosh.

“There was a patient of mine,” the reputed breast doctor in London continued sharing his experiences in his casual, relaxed manner “who wanted both her sister and niece to undergo the mutation test. But they would not listen to her and left everything in the hands of fate. My patient tried her best to pursue them but that only ruined their relationship. Then, somehow she got the idea to discuss her problem with her support group. Finally, the members of her support group tackled the situation and got the sister and the niece agreed for the mutation test.”

According to Mr. Ghosh, if people learn to handle the contrasting emotions that crop up in such circumstance, things become much easier to handle. In one hand, the feeling of uncertainty blended with the guilt of passing on the mutation to children makes life very difficult for many. On the other hand, others feel angry toward family members who are tested negative. “As a breast consultant, I always tell my patients it is always normal to feel these emotions. What I have noted from my years of experience, it is more important to register all these strange emotions than feeling low because these emotions are creeping up in your mind. It is useless either to fight or deny these emotions. Those negative and selfish feelings are certainly unwanted, but one should believe that it is perfectly alright to have those unwanted feelings in the mind,” points out Mr. Ghosh.

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