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Representatives from Italian Hospital Vimercate to Discuss Going Paperless with Advanced Healthcare Technology Solutions

Press Release: March 17, 2010

Motion Computing, a leading provider of integrated mobile computing solutions, and DS Group, the developer of Tabula Clinica mobile healthcare software, announced today from the 2010 World of Health IT (WoHIT) Conference & Exhibition (Stand #436) that senior representatives from Hospital Vimercate will be presenting during the event. Presenters, offering IT and clinical perspectives, will discuss how Motion C5 mobile clinical assistants (MCA) and Tabula Clinica software helped the hospital go completely paperless, improving clinical workflows and enhancing patient care.

Frustrated by the limitations of paper patient records, which made the sharing of patient information difficult and time consuming, the team at Hospital Vimercate knew they needed a robust and complex solution, but also wanted the right set of technologies that could be easily adopted by clinicians.

Fully utilising electronic records meant transforming the way clinicians worked and we needed a solution that could manage complex activities, yet be easily adopted throughout the hospital, said Giovanni Delgrossi, CIO at Hospital Vimercate. We are excited to share our experiences with hospitals facing the same challenges and hope to help them realise similar success.

Presentation Details

Presenters: Mr. Giovanni Delgrossi, Chief Information Officer and Dr. Claudio Cimminiello, Internal Medicine Department Director , Hospital Vimercate
Date: Wednesday 17th March 2010
Time: 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Intel Mobile Point of Care Workshop, Intel VIP Lounge, (Level 1, Room 129), CCIB Convention Centre, Barcelona

To help with its mobility initiative, Hospital Vimercate chose Tabula Clinica software from DS Group, a Motion partner and expert in mobility solution deployments. Tabula Clinica, designed specifically to run on highly mobile computing devices, enables nurses, physicians and other clinicians to easily manage records at the patient bedside, or anywhere throughout the hospital.

Hospital Vimercate also relied on DS Group to help identify the right mobile device to support the deployment of the new software solution. Impressed with the Motion C5s rugged frame, integrated features, and hospital-grade design that could be easily disinfected, the DS Group knew that the tablet PC was the right device for the job.

Now used by physicians, anesthesiologists and nurses in the surgical department, clinicians have quickly adapted to the new technology. The solution features drop down menus and pre-programmed text categories that make utilising the pen input on the tablet PC convenient while moving throughout the hospital. Additionally, docking stations located throughout the facility replace fixed workstations and provide an environment where clinicians can perform more detailed documentation.

It was very important to us that we find a solution that would make the transition from paper to technology easy for our caregivers, added Delgrossi. Now, with the solution in place and the transformation complete, we are enhancing patient care and improving clinician collaboration by making patient record information available much more quickly and accessible whenever it is needed.


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About Vimercate Hospital Trust
The Vimercate Hospital Trust is one of the main public healthcare structure of the Regione Lombardia (northern Italy region, Milan main town). The Trust is consisting on five different hospital structures located in the northern part of Italy, close to Milan. The main mission is to offer high level healthcare services, to develop medical research programs and to plan clinical training activities according to the Regione Lombardia strategic healthcare development plan. The great attention to the introduction of innovative technology into the clinical process is one of the most important features of the Hospital. In particular, the development of high level information systems together with Information Technology solutions usage allows the increase of healthcare services quality.

By the end of 2010 is expected the opening of a completely new Hospital building in Vimercate with the main goal to be a completely digital and paperless hospital in Italy. For more information, visit www.aodesiovimercate.it/web/.

About DS Group
Italian company founded in 1991, with headquarters in Milan, DS Group is a consultancy company focused on ICT systems integration activities. The company is mainly active in business areas: Mobile Solutions, Unified Communications, Multimedia Contact Centers and IVR-CTI Systems.

DS Group has achieved a significant experience over the recent decades designing and deploying systems and infrastructures for mobile workers. First in Italy in developing software for mobile devices (1997), DS Group has become reference partner for mobile projects on Smartphones, PDAs and Tablet PCs devices. DS Group has created tailor-made mobile solutions and mobile vertical products for leading companies in the utilities, finance, oil and gas, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors where DS Groups know-how and competencies in developing value added projects and applications are highly recognised.

Regarding the healthcare sector, DS Group has developed Tabula Clinica, the first truly paperless and mobile electronic medical record system always available, everywhere, at patients bedside or at patients home on Tablet PC or PDA devices. For more information, visit www.dsgroup.it or www.tabulaclinica.com.

About Motion Computing
Motion Computing is a leading provider of integrated mobile computing solutions, combining world-class products with services customised for the unique needs of target vertical markets. The companys enhanced line of rugged tablet PCs, mobile point of care solutions and accessories are designed to increase mobile productivity while providing portability, security, power and versatility. Motion Mobility Solutions offers a complete portfolio of products, services and support that helps ensure a successful mobile deployment for increased productivity, reducing project risk while delivering a more rapid return on investment. For more information, visit www.motioncomputing.co.uk.

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