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Press Release: March 02, 2010

In the current economic climate, a lot of us are retrenching and doing what our parents and grandparents used to do all the time as a matter of course, namely repairing items like expensive vacuum cleaners rather than chucking them out and getting new ones. Sparesaver is one of a number of companies that specialise in providing spare parts for Dyson, Miele, Vax and numerous other makes of vacuum cleaner, and they also provide a servicing and repairs service.

The website is well set out and easy to use. You simply click on the make youre interested in and youll be taken to the next level down for that make. Clicking on Dyson, for example, takes you to the various models, then clicking on your model takes to the specific colour of model such as a Dyson DC01 Silver & Yellow, all of them graphically represented to avoid confusion. Once youve identified your particular machine then it is simply a matter of clicking the types of parts such as consumables, tools and accessories, and spare parts, and youll be taken to the lowest level of all, where you see what parts are available, their price, and opt to purchase whatever it is you are after.

This is often enough for someone who can get on with fixing the vacuum cleaner once the part has arrived, but for others in these days of disposable items and rampant consumerism a little more help may be needed. Sparesaver offers a servicing and repairs service for such people, which lets face it means most of us. Regular annual servicing for the top-of-the-range Dyson and Kirby vacuum cleaners is strongly recommended. Machines can be collected and taken to their workshop, where specialist technicians give them a thorough overhaul that includes 52 separate checks.

Help with common breakdown problems is also at hand on the website for Dyson owners. Youre shown exactly how to replace broken parts such as filters and hoses, wheels, brush rolls and cables. Just select your model to be taken to these useful pages. There is also a hints and tips section for Dysons, where you can see what to do if it is not picking up through the hose or the cleaner head is blocked.

It is a shame to throw out a perfectly good vacuum cleaner if the only problem is a faulty filter or broken hose. Far better and much more sensible to economically repair it, or treat it properly for years of use.

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