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Rentokil reasons why you shouldn't eat 'Al Desko'

Press Release: January 11, 2010

If you're reading this at your PC, your inches away from a keyboard harbouring more bacteria than a toilet seat and leaving enough crumbs at your office desk to feed a family of rodents.

Rentokil is asking workers to drop the habit of dining Al Desko, and get out of the office for their meals. Aside from the productivity benefits of getting a proper lunch break, taking food away from your desk helps to lower the likelihood of pests like rodents, fleas, cockroaches and other biting insects working their way into your office.

Savvas Othon, Technical Director at Rentokil Pest Control, offers his advice on maintaining a pest-free environment and the dangers that dining Al Desko can present if employees cannot break this habit.

Whilst its admirable that hard working Brits are willing to carry on straight through lunch, its important they realise that if you live at your desk, then soon enough, so will certain other creatures. Pest Problems can quickly become a headache for office managers too, as they cause complaints and damage to reputation among staff and clients alike. It's usually well known who the food hoarders are in the office; getting people to keep food away from their desks is the first step in a series of easy preventative measures that help keep offices pest free.

The good news is there are simple measures that can be put in place to keep office pests at bay and ensure a hygienic working environment:

1.Dont eat at your desk - Crumbs of food, along with hair and skin will build-up in your keyboard and encourage bacteria and viruses to grow.
2.Dont hoard food - Restrict food to kitchen areas, and keep it out of desk draws and cupboards.
3.If you do make crumbs - Ensure the floor area around your desk is clear, so that cleaners can reach them. Otherwise you can attract rodents, and you dont want any mice around your desk other than the one attached to your PC!
4.Ensure bins have liners & are emptied daily - Otherwise residue can build up over time and provide a food source attracting cockroaches, wasps and rodents.
5.Dont over water plants - As fruit flies can thrive in damp environments.
6.Dont avoid calling in pest control experts - For fear of alarming staff. Its much better to put preventative measures in place before a serious pest problem develops.

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