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Rent yourself a robotic lawn mower this year and enjoy the freedom

Press Release: February 01, 2010

Robotic lawn mowing systems are now very much main stream in many European countries. The UK and Irish market has been growing well also over the past 4 years. Eco mowing is quickly catching on around Europe and the USA.

A report, issued by the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe and the International Federation of Robotics at the end of 2007, said that out of total domestic robot sales 570,000 were robot lawnmowers and vacuum cleaning robots reached 37,000.

AutoLawnMow is the leading supplier of robotic lawn mowers in the UK and Ireland and are rolling out their new rental option to a limited number of new customers.

AutoLawnMow have introduced a number of new robotic mowing systems to their fleet for 2010. The integration of more new technology in 2010 sets these systems apart from anything else on the market today.

The new L50 model is a simple place on any lawn and press go button. No wire around lawn required as this new robot is able to analyse the different between surfaces and drops in ground levels meaning the robot will stop at the edge of a step and turn back onto the lawn and continue mowing. The L50 model is the first of its kind in the world and is suitable for a lawn size of a tennis court and is an amazing system. The worlds first drop and go robotic wireless lawn mower

AutoLawnMow is excited to add another amazing product line to our portfolio. The Technology & Wisdom of the very latest generation of robotic cleaning systems brings us the KV8 model, this Hi-Tech model has features on board that you won't find on other robotic floor cleaning systems on the market.

Renting a robotic lawn mower can save you time and money. AutoLawnMow can now rent you a robotic lawn mowing system for close to what it cost you in weekly petrol costs. Coe Mr Patrick Mc Cann of AutoLawnMow says we want to allow more and more people access to the enjoyment of having a robotic lawn mowing system mowing their lawns and giving them back the time and freedom to enjoy their gardens.

AutoLawnMow will be renting out a set number of robotic lawn mowers to new customers in 2010 that either cant raise the cash to purchase a system or prefer to just rent. By renting says Patrick homeowners can enjoy the same benefits as those home owners who are fortunate to be able to purchase. This new pilot scheme could see thousands of robotic lawn mowers entering the market within weeks

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