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Relocation Plans for Award-Winning Business

Press Release: November 25, 2018

Award-winning interior design company Eyecandy Interior Design is relocating to Halifax, West Yorkshire for a more bespoke customer service experience.

Originally based in Huddersfield, Eyecandy Interior Design is in the throngs of a large-scale business move to Halifax.

Eyecandy Interior Design Managing Director, Emma Gordon says; “We have been situated in Lindley near Huddersfield for the previous 6 years, and with the ever evolving landscape of interior design it became apparent that our customers wanted a more hands-on personalised service that they didn’t receive from the high street anymore. So, we took the decision to move the business from the high street to a more personal one-on-one location, in a new purpose built design studio in Halifax.”

This decision has been taken as the business grows from strength to strength. The Eyecandy Interior Design team knew that the time was right to relocate and move with the fast paced industry of interiors. With the majority of the team out on business calls, meeting with potential customers, or out designing interiors for clients, it made perfect sense to run an appointment-only service, so that customers were never left at the high street shop without access. This new system means every customer will receive an appointment, giving them the opportunity to spend one-on-one time and experience the exceptional customer service that Eyecandy Interior Design are known for.

More and more businesses are using their online presence to attract new business from outside their usual target area, and Eyecandy Interior Design are thriving from online interest, so it was a natural progression to grow the online platform and build the brand. The New Year will take Eyecandy Interior Design to a new level by collaborating and working with new suppliers that will attract quirky, unusual, one-off pieces of furniture and bespoke fresh ideas for lighting, giving the customer something different to their usual high street experience.

Emma Gordon went on to say; “We are passionate that our customers receive the interior design experience that they are seeing across social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Therefore, our new one-on-one service means that each customer is treated to personal time, off the high street, with one of our designers. Initial meetings will take place with myself and then, depending on the size of the project will determine whether the full team are used or whether it stays solely with me. This gives each existing customer or potential future customer the knowledge that they are dealing with one contact and aren’t being passed along to someone else. This is just another element of Eyecandy Interior Design that helps us stand out from the crowd, plus with our sales increasing online it was a perfect time to focus on our online clientele, and with each individual client at our new appointment-only purpose built studio.”

Halifax is an excellent gateway to reach anywhere in the UK that an interior design customer should need. With the M62 and M1 on the new doorstep Emma and her team can be with new clients at the drop of a hat.

For more information about Eyecandy Interior Design visit the website at: www.eyecandy-interiordesign.co.uk, where new contact details will be announced as soon as the studio officially opens.

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