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Relixiy Offers Weighted Blankets For Anxiety And Insomnia

Press Release: December 16, 2020

Local UK Company Alleviates The Night-Time Symptoms Of Anxiety And Insomnia Sufferers With Deep Touch Pressure Blankets

In today’s modern world, anxiety and accompanying insomnia weighs heavily on a great number of people, and this affects sleep and rest, which, in turn, means that employees over the world are less effective and efficient in their everyday jobs. Relixiy, a UK-based company, has started making headlines with their weighted blankets, which helps alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. This means a better night’s sleep and a more productive workforce. 

“Weighted blankets can improve sleep quality. It can help you to fall asleep more easily and get more deep sleep time,” says Simon N., Director of Relixiy. “Our weighted blankets support a more restful sleep and allow our customers to start their day at their best.”

Weighted blankets can be a natural solution for stress and anxiety. Studies show that they naturally stimulate your brain to relax, leading to a reduction of stress and easing of muscle tension. How a weighted blanket works are through their gentle but firm weight, which immediately gives the sleeper the feeling of being hugged or embraced. This stimulates your brain to naturally feel more relaxed, increasing the emotional well being and calmness, finally leading to an improvement of your sleep. A weighted blanket should be the first port of call for anyone suffering from a lack of sleep due to stress and anxiety. 

Ideally, a weighted blanket for adults should be about 8 - 12% of your body weight, cover all of your body from the chin to your feet, and have a uniform weight distribution. Relixiy has taken all of the necessary guidelines into account and created a weighted blanket that has been proven to successfully aid a more restful night’s sleep. 

The blankets sold by Relixiy are top-of-the-range with an ultra-plush removable microfleece (Minky) cover that guarantees not only aesthetic appeal but is also luxurious and cosy. The shell of the blanket is constructed from breathable 100% premium cotton, which means that even when weighed down, the blanket won’t leave you hot and sweaty, which ensures a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Relixiy is the natural solution for a more restful sleep and an improved quality of life. Thanks to the therapeutic effects of deep pressure stimulation, your body will release the tension, stress, and anxiety accumulated during the day, allowing you to fully recover your energy and be at your best.

The overall effect of those blankets is to contribute to rebalancing your stress and sleep hormones without the need for any prescription. In some cases, this process may take some time, and for this reason, Relixiy is offering an exclusive 60 nights trial on their weighted blankets.

About Us

Relixiy prides themselves on their exquisite range of weighted blankets. It started as a family business and was the result of the cooperation between a man and a woman. They combined the best traits of femininity and masculinity to create a product of exceptional quality and with a truly unique feel. Finally, their direct experience as weighted blanket users coupled with great attention to detail, allowed them to create the very best weighted blanket on the market. All of their products are ethically manufactured and audited by Amfori following the BSCI international standard. They also strongly believe in giving, for this reason, they donate part of their profits to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices (registered charity n. 1042495), their UK charity partner. For more information on Relixiy and their weighted blankets, please visit https://relixiy.co.uk/

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