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Reliability of at-home wrist blood pressure monitoring questioned

Press Release: August 02, 2017

High Blood pressure is increasing now a day’s with the wrong lifestyle and food habits. People who suffer from high blood pressure usually measure the BP reading at home with the Blood Pressure Monitor. But according to a survey most of the people are getting the wrong readings while measuring due to incorrect position of wrist or the power quality of the device. There is always a difference in the reading you get when doctor is measuring compared you get at home.
Keeping a track of correct BP is very important as it’s termed as a silent killer and can led to some serious problems if correct measures are not taken on time. Blood pressure change all the time throughout the day and it’s not necessary that reading you got at doctor clinic is the final as may be you get higher reading at other time of day. So usually doctor advice to measure the BP reading three or four different time of day and write it down to compare.
To measure BP at home you need to make sure that you are using accurate device. Santa medical wrist digital blood pressure measuring machine is the best product you get to measure you BP. It has sensor which measure the accurate reading automatically. No manual adjustment required it automatically adjust itself. You need to be very careful while measuring and make sure that the machine cuff are deflected completely before taking the reading and cuff should be 1 cm away from the wrist. This helps the machine to sense the radial artery and give the accurate reading. You must note that if the cuff is tight on wrist you will get increase in blood pressure.
The display of this Blood Pressure Monitor is very large old age people can read it very easily. Device has an emergency button in case you have to stop immediately. Blood Pressure Monitor can store upto 60 reading which is very helpful in keeping a track record of your BP.

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