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Release to the press, quick haste! Get me some carrier pigeons about sulphites in wine!

Press Release: February 10, 2017

Hey everyone, So I’m Alex and I want to introduce you to my new website. A first look at my new chosen entrepreneurial life! Not strictly true, but let’s go with that. So, to wine drinkers across the UK, let me introduce you to WineSulphites.com (https://winesulphites.com)!

Can I just also say, that press releases are so rubbish! If you could add sound, just think how much more interesting would this be! I mean I could have a drum roll or bagpipes! Just FYI, I was born in Scotland. Because why would anyone else in the world want to listen to that magical noisy sound?

Anyway, sorry I struggle keeping on topic sometimes. It’s part of why I love being British! You know being able to talk about the weather all day long like it’s some kind of phenomenon. I just love it!

Well, firstly I must apologise for the cliché, but what you need to know is all in the name! Wine Sulphites is a dedicated website to sourcing and supplying wine across the UK that are not only certified organic, but are also free of sulphites in wine!

Lets consider though people what sulphites in wine are and the inconvenience they give to wine lovers. Sulphites in wine is basically a preservative to ensure that the wine will last for a longer period of time. But for some people this only means one thing, they have a wine allergy! I could not live if I found out I couldn’t nectar that is alcoholic grape juice!

Anyway, this wine allergy has lots of different effects on different poor suffering people individually. There are a few signs to look out for though, including rashes, migraines after one glass of wine, blocked sinuses and most concerningly, difficulties with breathing in your sleep! Yep, if you suffer from that then get straight on the phone to your doctor!

What is a bit shocking to discover though, is that these sulphite free wines are almost impossible to find in the UK. It just makes me wonder, what is the reason behind this? Well personally I will not be investigating into any great detail, partially because I can’t be bothered. Mainly though, it is so I can spend more time sourcing and personally selecting some amazing sulphite free wines.

So please have a look at the site and I would love to know what you think. Genuinely, this is my first attempt and I am curious to know. So drop me an email! However, I would more so like your money, so please go crazy! Well you know what, honesty is the best policy!

But in all honesty after discovering the benefits to drinking organically and then the wonders that sulphite free wines can potentially give wine lovers. This is a way back into something they are truly missing out on. I may not be good at building websites, or writing press releases for that matter. But I have been trained very well in how to make people happy. This may not be the miracle cure people need, buts it’s a great start!

So here we have an almost perfect solution for people with a wine allergy or simply just for people who just want to improve the quality of life by choosing to drink wines with no added sulphites.

Anyway, thanks for reading my dribble folks, and I look forward to processing your huge upcoming abundance of sulphite free wine orders from WineSulphites.com!

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