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Press Release: December 15, 2020



(Europe, December 2020) - This year has changed the world we live in. Our lifestyles, habits, relationships and the over-all state has experienced a shift. The uncertainty of the future has brought words like fear, depression, suicides, crisis, chaos etc. in our routine usage. The external disturbances demand an internal shift in our mindset, perspective and approach towards life. The calm to this chaos, the solution to this problem is 'Transformation.'


Maitreya Dadashreeji, the founder and visionary of MaitriBodh Parivaar has introduced the 'WORLDWIDE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM' for every being who wants to work towards creating a better world for the future. With 20+ life-changing tools over a span of 2 years, this program is reflective, meditative and experiential. This program is completely FREE of cost.


The Journey of Transformation is a step-by-step progression towards the best version of yourself  – your True Self which helps one connect with their inner power.


MaitriBodh Parivaar has been working to uplift the human consciousness since 2013 through its various spiritual programs and initiatives for social welfare.


Maitreya Dadashreeji has appealed to all spiritual leaders, spiritual masters world over to join him in talking more on 'Transformation' and be a part of this effective wave of Global Transformation.


Let's take the first step towards our Growth. Let's Transform.


Register for FREE till 31st december 2020 at https://maitribodh.org/transform or write us at transform@matribodh.eu


More about Maitreya Dadashreeji:

Maitreya Dadashreeji, a doctor by profession, is a Global Humanitarian, Transformation Pioneer and Social Reformer. Uplifting human consciousness, removing boundaries, bonding humanity and uniting nations together.




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