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RedWeb Security launches Blackberry Tracker for lone workers

Press Release: February 04, 2010

RedWeb Security, the specialist provider of forensic and tracking security solutions, has launched a tracking device for Blackberry. The Blackberry Tracker is designed for use by companies with teams of lone workers (such as estate agents, couriers and utilities service engineers, for example), and lets them track where employees are at any given time using RedWebs tracking software. The tracker suitable for use with any GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled Blackberry - also features a real-time panic alert which locates the position of the Blackberry to within three metres.

Users download the software to their Blackberry, which sends positional data via GPRS to a web-based tracking platform, delivering real time tracking information and panic alerts. This allows employers to be in control of their most valuable resource. A live track is done every one or five minutes, with a panic alarm that can be activated as needed to give an instant location report. Users can switch off the tracking software when it is not needed. Blackberry devices are particularly suited to tracking software, as they have excellent battery performance, sensitive FPS antenna and strong build quality.

Chris Taylor, operations and new product director for RedWeb, says: Employers have a duty of care to lone workers, to keep them safe. This is the most effective way to do that. The tracker also lets businesses manage their productivity levels efficiently. For example, if you know that you have a service engineer in a particular area, and you have an emergency call out near by, you can match the two together.

RedWeb has a number of tracking devices, suitable for all situations from lone workers, to heavy plant tracking. It works closely with the police, and its tracking devices are police-approved (all RedWebs products are accredited by Secured by Design, an initiative that ensures security equipment meets police standards).

For more information on this and other security solutions from RedWeb, visit www.redwebsecurity.com.

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About RedWebSecurity:

RedWeb Security is a specialist provider of forensic and tracking security solutions. It works with both businesses and the police to deter and detect criminals.

RedWebs solutions include:

Tracking devices RedWeb works closely with the police and commercial organisations with high-value products to provide trackers, and all the equipment needed to operate them. This includes the tracking device itself; the assets to be tracked (such as laptops, bike seats or satnavs) and deployment kits (for covert police operations); and forensic analysis (for the return of marked assets).

redDNA - redDNA is a unique identifier solution (used in a spray, for example), which is used to mark criminals at the scene of the crime; and the analysis tools needed to link the criminal to the crime scene. This is available as an invisible solution or as a red dye, and comes as a spray, gel or grease. The spray can be triggered from a box (Sentry 500 for overt security, i.e. used as a deterrent; or the RedWeb Box which is smaller and covert).

These solutions are proven to deter criminals and reduce crime, as well as to aid the police in identifying and catching criminals. RedWeb works with the police, commercial organisations (such as retailers, banks, fleet operators and utilities companies, for example) and security personnel.

Among RedWebs customers are: retailers including Costcutter and Co-op; 30 police forces, including Hertfordshire Police, Metropolitan Police, North Yorkshire, and West Midlands Police; and utilities companies, including Yorkshire Water.

RedWeb created the worlds first forensic trace alarm and unique biosynthetic redDNA. Its products are accredited by Secured by Design, an initiative that ensures security equipment meets police standards.

RedWeb Security is a division of RedWeb Technologies, part of the Valhalla Group of companies.

For more information, see www.redwebsecurity.com.

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