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Reduced Viewing Trips with Ideal Homes for One Month Only!

Press Release: September 02, 2018

Summer madness has just past and September is almost here! Why is September so exciting? If you've vacationed in Southern Portugal or Spain in August you'll understand! August is a mad month...good mad...but mad. Temperatures are at peak height, summer vibe is in full swing with tons of events, festivals, dancing and of course tourists, and more tourists... Fab if you're on holiday or you have a rental investment, just a little tricky if you're trying for a reservation at your favourite restaurant!

So, when August passes southerners do a little September dance to welcome the new season. The weather is still wonderful and the normal 'Calma' of coastal living starts returning. Which also happens to be one of the best times to come south for a Viewing Trip and plan for next year's summer - only better as this year we're offering Reduced Viewing Trips!

If a home in a wonderful southern location has been on your mind for a while then this is the time to start planning, and by summer 2019 you will have everything in place to actually enjoy your holiday months doing absolutely 'Nada'... Or if you're thinking of a savvy rental investment you can have your property ready to take bookings for the new season!

In just 9 months summer will be back, so jump on the reduced viewing trip offer during the entire month of September and start doing your own little September dance to the future. And to get a taste of what your new home might just look like, we've included some of our newest properties to get you started!

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