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Redlands Electrical Offer Landlord Assistance To Care For Homes

Press Release: July 29, 2017

United Kingdom 29-07-2017. Redlands Electrical is keen to provide landlords and property owners with the opportunity to have their electrical network checked at home. The summer is the ideal time of year to carry out a thorough review of a property, particularly if the property is let by students. The summer months see these student tenants return home, leaving the property empty, which is the ideal time for landlords to carry out repairs and improvements.

There are new regulations coming into effect regarding the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in 2018 and savvy landlords are already undertaking work to ensure their property meets the requirements. Many homes will not need much work, if any at all, but the sooner that a landlord has their property reviewed, the sooner they can relax and be confident about the condition of their home. It is best to have the property reviewed by professionals and any homeowner looking for the leading electrician Richmond has to offer will find that Redlands Electrical are the ideal option.

Health and safety should always be paramount for a landlord, and this is why working with a reliable and dependable electrician is always a good idea. The damage that can be caused by poor quality electrical work or work carried out by non-professionals can have a devastating impact on people and property. This is why it is always best to call on a professional and for the best standard of electrician Wimbledon can offer, rely on Redlands Electrical.

The cost and time spent on hiring a professional electrician is more than justified with the peace of mind and confidence that comes from the highest standard of work being undertaken.

Unless a landlord is qualified and knows what they are doing, they should leave all electrical work to the professionals. For the best standard of electrical services in Richmond or Wimbledon, be sure to contact Redlands Electrical.

For more details about the best standard of electrical services in and around Richmond, please visit: http://www.redlandselectrical.co.uk/areas-covered/electrician-richmond/

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