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RedHealth™ Wearable PEMF Devices - Revolutionary Wearables for Energy Wellbeing

Press Release: November 03, 2020

RedHealth Wear, a natural health group, since 2019. They have launched their Circadian Rhythm Device. Balancing the body and optimize rhythms to boost energy and wellbeing the device regulates the 24-hour internal clock that controls the biological rhythm.

Resonant Energy Devices For Health 'RedHealth' are the first-ever, fully automated, wearable wellness devices small enough to fit into any pocket but able to support the whole mind and body due to their advanced technology.

Designed and engineered with a full scope of frequencies to enhance health on all the levels - Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual.

Feel more vital on all levels as energy system comes back into alignment and begins returning to its blueprint. Experience renewed harmony and potentials within oneself and your life. It's the first-ever wearable device that contains frequency programs which are optimally timed and targeted for automatic, 24/7, whole mind-body balance and health. It works for you while you live your life, even when you are sleeping!

RedHealth is electromagnetic beings and health requires a balanced electromagnetic state. Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) are a MASTER TOOL for unlocking your body's own self-healing and self-regulation potentials.

You don't have to feel tired, stressed, in pain, sleep-deprived or lacking in the joy and creativity you used to know. RedHealth devices offer the support we all need in our busy lives boosting energy and overall mind and body balance in a way no other technology offers.

Their revolutionary c.Balance (Circadian Balance) device is the smallest device in the world and the only wearable to offer personalized body field scanning technology allowing the device to stay tuned to the user at all times!  This Circadian Rhythm Device boosts the body’s natural energy system using pulsed electromagnetic fields known as the master tool for unlocking the body’s self-healing and self-regulating potential. This device runs 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

The 24-hour Circadian Rhythm Device uses electromagnetic fields to regulate natural energy level optimization, along with stress reduction, increased immunity, and lessens the effects of environmental toxins, travel, pain, inflammation, and trauma. This device optimizes and regulates sleep quality, stress and emotional balance, tissue and cell repair, energy levels, and toxins, as well as synchronizes the body clock.

The RedHealth Circadian Rhythm Device scans the user’s energy system and calibrates and tunes to their system. The healing properties of the device include stress relief, emotional balance, improved sleep, higher energy levels, reduced pain and discomfort, enhanced sports performance and recovery, increased immunity, improved concentration, and mental performance, and decreased inflammation.

Dr. Bryant Meyers calls PEMF "The Fifth Element of Health" as our bodies need this vital electromagnetic support, which is close to the Earth's frequencies, as much as food, water, sunlight and oxygen in today's world. They have lost much of our vital connection to the Earth's energies with technology and modern lifestyle.

The RedHealth c.Balance device helps you revitalize and restore that connection through frequencies which are native, natural and vital to the health of our energy system.

To find out more about the RedHealth Circadian Rhythm Device, click on this Link - RedHealth. Website visitors will learn about pulsed electromagnetic fields and therapy, circadian balance and its importance, the benefits of circadian rhythm, the body clock chart, and the types of RedHealth Circadian Rhythm Devices available.

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