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Recycling in The UK - Drinking Water Fountains

Press Release: March 12, 2018

With the recent public awareness of the excess of plastic wastage in the UK, governing bodies and private organisations have started doing their part to reduce their plastic wastage as well as implement strategies to remedy the current plastic problem.

With China’s current ban on waste imports in full effect, the onus falls on the government to implement strategies to alleviate the wastage problem.

Looking at Oswestry as an example; government is pushing for the elimination of single-use plastic containers – starting in the state-controlled sector. They hope that leading by example with influence the private sector to reflect on their recycling and waste practices in hopes of promoting a cleaner and eco-friendlier outlook on business. However, this is in one city. The need to reduce recycling should be looming over the head of all relevant Councilors to push for plans to at least alleviate the amount of wastage produced by their respective councils.

If all goes to plan, Theresa May – Britain’s Prime Minister – will have all avoidable plastic waste eliminated by 2042. However, environmental groups believe that this goal lacks urgency and does not properly represent the severity of the situation.

It stands to reason that the government cannot alleviate all the plastic waste alone. There has been a surge of interest in greener living and recycling by the members of the UK public. This gives a positive outlook on the future ahead; but only if the interest blossoms into action.

Drinking Water Fountains as a company understands that the world’s resources are not infinite. As such, we have decided to do business that leaves little wastage in the form of plastics and other recyclable materials.

To find out more about recycling, visit RecycleNow. Their Recycling Locator will help to determine where your nearest recycling facility is as well as locations for recycling of specific materials.

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