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Recurring Revenue Stream Using Just Eat Clone – Abservetech

Press Release: September 03, 2017

Benefits in Online Food Ordering and Delivery Clone:

Restaurant Listing – display restaurant logo, payment terms, delivery fees, special offers etc.
Advanced Search – Allows the users to search for restaurants by Postal Code or location
Advanced Filter – allows to Filter restaurants by area (postal code or location) and cuisine type.
Partner or New Restaurant– New restaurants can sign up via the online registration form.
Multiple Payment Terms – Allow the users to pay by COD or Cards or online.
Order Confirmation Acknowledgement – After placing an order. the customer receives an email with the order list
App on the Go – User can order their food from their Mobile Apps (Android and IOS)

Comfort and Satisfaction lead the Foodies to make online food ordering. Decision making by choosing from varieties of meal and accessing the site or app with ease and ordering the food the secure transaction and benefits like coupon code, special offer, hot deal, cash on delivery makes your customer to be happy with your service.

There are small and medium size restaurant who are still well doing in their online ordering business and handling their own online ordering from their own websites, online payment transaction, online delivery, online marketing at a very low budget. If the restaurants can do this, then you need to focus on seeking the restaurant online ordering aggregate entering the market and paid a more affordable fee for the consistent customer lead generation.

Just Eat clone available with:

Website Front-end – For your Users
Website Back-end – Admin, Partner (Restaurant Owners)
Android App – Customer App, Delivery Boy App, Partner App
IOS App – Customer App, Delivery Boy App, Partner App
User access either website or customer App to order the food.
Admin has the overall control (front-end and back-end)

By utilising the online ordering, you are bringing more opportunities for the foodies to order their favourite menu.

Our Online Food Ordering and Just Eat Clone Portal has been designed for startups to large enterprise to easily kick start their own online food portal business by establishing a recurring revenue stream from the restaurants which will return a percentage of orders placed from their site.

Online food delivery is a gift for the foodies and also endowment to the enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are increasingly emerging to the engage delivery business with the websites and mobile apps for expanding the online food orders. From the restaurant perspective, most of the orders depends on the restaurant location and the customer segment. So Online Food Ordering and Delivering using Just Eat Clone works better and faster for the repeat orders. Just eat clone system is simple and user-friendly to excite the first time customers to long last by your side.

With online ordering, you’re giving more customers more opportunity to order their menu’s. Nowadays all are busy in even making a call to order their dish and just looking for comfort and satisfaction. So if you use the Just Eat clone system for your restaurant business which is available with the both website and the apps, then you can satisfy them too have long last deal. And especially this system supports all countries, time zones, multi-currencies, and multi-languages.

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