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Recruiter-Centric Resumes at ResumeDok Result in Better Job Placement, Statistics Reveal

Press Release: July 30, 2020

Grandville, MI Michigan, United States, July 30, 2020-An award-winning resume writing company, ResumeDok, recently revealed that their recruiter-centric resumes result in better job placement.

The PR Manager, Melissa Brooks mentioned that according to a study conducted by the company, 78% of the candidates who made it to the interview process, had their resumes specifically tailored for the job description and organization. 

Senior Project Manager, Shaun Jefferson elaborated, “If you really want to stand ahead of the competition, make sure to get a recruiter-centric resume, specially designed for the job you wish to apply for. Our team of experts at ResumeDok optimize keywords and highlight your accomplishments according to the organization and industry you are applying for so that you rank high in the ATS.”

Senior Marketing Manager, Jason Runner, stated, “We no more believe in the ‘one-size-fits-all notion. Those days are long gone. Our motto is “Always Target Specifically’, and our writers and designers work very hard to stand by it. Whenever you create a generic resume and send it to all the job ads online, there is a great possibility of employers tossing it in the recycle bin.”. He further said, “We not only make sure to prove how and why you fit perfectly for the position in a particular organization but also run it through the ATS system several times before proceeding to the design phase. Our recruiter-centric resumes will help you give a clear demonstration of just how perfect and well-suited you are for the job.”

ResumeDok is currently offering resume and cover letter writing services along with LinkedIn profile writing, career switch resumes, and student resumes for its customers. All these services can be availed at the agency's website.

About ResumeDok:

ResumeDok is a Michigan based company, offering resume writing services since 2010. It specializes in the ATS-approved resume and cover letter services. The company offers to resume writing solutions, including custom-written resumes, persuasive cover letters, LinkedIn profile writing, and video resume creation.

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