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Recommendations App itcher Announces Google Assistant Action on Google Home

Press Release: February 01, 2017

itcher have announced the development of their new action on the Google Assistant on Google Home, allowing users to get new recommendations using just their voice.

Google Home, the voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant launched in the US on 4th November 2016. itcher, the entertainment recommendations app that promises new title suggestions in less than 50 seconds, were one of the few boutique brands to work with Google on this project.

With itcher, Google Home users will be able to ask the Google Assistant to recommend them a movie hands-free, without needing to search on a computer or tablet. itcher does require every user to link to an itcher account before using their action in order to keep track of recommendations.

In their collaboration with Google, itcher uses two categories: books and movies.

Users can use commands such as:

“Ok Google, talk to itcher”
“Ok Google, tell itcher to recommend me a movie”
“Ok Google, I want to talk to itcher about books”
“Ok Google, ask itcher to suggest me a book”
“Ok Google, let me talk to itcher about movies”

itcher Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Rovira, says the team were delighted when they found out about the collaboration.

“When Google called us asking if we would like to participate in the early access programme for the Google Assistant on Google Home, we were so excited! This was an opportunity to work on some cutting edge technology in a close partnership with Google.”

The integration with the Google Assistant on Google Home is the next step in the startup’s journey to become ‘the place for entertainment recommendations’. The team highlight that itcher is ‘warmer’ than just an algorithm.

"To us, itcher is the rush you get when finding the perfect movie to watch, the new title of an author you adore catching your eye, the joy of flicking eagerly through endless record shelves, the wild excitement of watching the launch trailer of an upcoming game..."

The machine-learning mobile application asks users to rate titles in any of their 5 categories - movies, TV shows, books, music and games - and generates community-powered recommendations based on what others with a similar taste have liked. It is the first platform to allow cross-category recommendations, meaning users may be recommended a book based on their tastes in other categories.

itcher was created back in 2013 by William Cooper, Daniel Rovira and Richard Brindley. Cooper had previously co-founded Achica, the members-only luxury lifestyle store, back in 2010. Rovira, who is also CEO of itcher, formerly co-founded MadBid in 2008 and successfully built it to a $30m business. He previously worked in the Media and Technology team at Goldman Sachs in London. Richard Brindley, an experienced CTO, is responsible for everything from technical design to supporting the development team. Together they built the first recommendations app to introduce cross-category recommendations on a platform that also allows users to create lists and follow other users.

Users who want to see more of itcher can also download the itcher app which includes the option to create lists and follow those with similar tastes.

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