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Recession Busting Help For Small Businesses Now Available For Download

Press Release: February 15, 2010

Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing Toolkit has been responsible for many small businesses riding out the recession. The product is a blueprint for small businesses with copy and paste already done for you sales and marketing letters.

The problem has been that when ordered it could take up to 2 months to get to the purchaser. This was clearly unacceptable and needed to be addressed.

Edward Green of http://www.magnetic-marketing-toolkit.com had the idea of getting the physical products digitized so they would be instantly available following purchase. Also, the cost is a third of the usual price because they download and nothing physical needs to be shipped.

Mr. Green Says I was asked a lot to make the Magnetic Marketing system available for download but the amount of time and effort to digitize everything was to great and it wasn't economically feasible until now". "I decided that the time was right when small businesses were getting squeezed and need help immediately not in a months time". "Around 800 downloads a month are taking place so we know it was the right decision".

It would seem that the majority of small businesses are trying to find new customers when the message should be to consolidate their existing client base and reactivate old clients and customers. The Magnetic Marketing Toolkit takes care of this with the copy and paste marketing letter system.

For more information contact Edward Green on 07968 503887 or visit the Magnetic Marketing Toolkit site at http://www.magnetic-marketing-toolkit.com

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