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Reasons to Learn Python

Press Release: April 17, 2019

Well, things have changed once Python replaced Java because the most well-liked language in faculties and universities and has never looked back. But, the largest question is why user learn Python? Python is growing, that’s nice, however, it doesn’t mean Java goes down or C++ is declining.

Python is a growing success. If you search programming and technology news or journal post then you may have noticed the increase of Python as several common developer communities as well as StackOverflow and CodeAcademy has mentioned the increase of Python as a serious artificial language.

Well, I'm a proud Java developer and it's my favorite artificial language, but, that should not stop from learning new tools and programming languages which can create an improved user. Python fits that bill.

For experienced programmers who are already is aware of Ruby, Java, or JavaScript, learning Python means that getting a brand new and powerful tool in your arsenal and that I have nevertheless to return up with user says no to a tool and that's the correct thanks to cross-checking it once you are learning a brand new artificial language.

If you're a Java developer you'll be able to do this with Groovy furthermore however Groovy will not provide you with what Python does in terms of its wide reach in arthropod genus, libraries, frameworks, and domains like information science, machine learning, and network development.

Why Programmers ought to Learn Python

It depends on the individual. For a beginner, learning Python is smart as a result of its straightforward. For associate degree knowledgeable user is trying to travel into information Science and Machine learning, learning Python is smart as a result of it's quickly turning into the foremost used artificial language and there are powerful arthropod genus and libraries obtainable for AI, information science, and machine learning.

Here are ten reasons to be looking into Python programming

Data Science

This is the main reason why all programmers want to learn Python. I do know several of my friends are uninterested in their Java programming jobs in investment banks and instead are going for learning Python as career wise and thanks to the existing work demand and high pay.

But, what makes Python a most well-liked language for information science and machine learning? Wasn't R thought as the most effective long ago? Well, I feel the libraries and frameworks Python offers, e.g. PyBrain, NumPy, and PyMySQL ar one in all the large reasons. One more reason is diversity. Python expertise permits you to do a lot more than R, e.g. you'll be able to produce scripts to automation stuff, move into new development, then way more.

Machine Learning

This is one more reason why programmers are learning Python in 2019. The expansion of machine learning in last some of the years has been fantastic and it's apace dynamical everything around U.S.A

Algorithms become additionally refined on a daily basis, the most effective example is Google's search algorithms, which may currently answer what you're expecting. There are chatbots around to answer your queries and Uber is completely driven by algorithms.

If you're inquisitive about machine learning, then do a pet project or simply want to fiddle it, Python is that the solely major programming languages that make it simple.

Web Development

Good previous development is one more reason for learning Python. It offers such a big amount of smart libraries and frameworks, e.g. Django and Flask, that create net development very easy.

A task that takes hours in PHP will be completed in minutes with Python. Python is additionally used tons for net scrapping. A number of common websites on the web, like Reddit, are designed mistreatment Python.

Libraries and Frameworks

One of the similarities between Python and Java is that the sheer range of open supply libraries, frameworks, and modules obtainable to do no matter you wish to try whatever. It makes application development very easy.

Just imagine making an internet application while not Spring in Java or Django and Flask in Python. It makes your job easier thus you'll be able to target business logic.

Python has various libraries for various desires. Django and Flask are the foremost common for net development and NumPy and SciPy are very fashionable for information science.
In fact, Python has one in all the most effective collections of machine learning and information science libraries, as well as TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, Keras, Pandas.


This is the one biggest reason for beginners to be told Python. once you 1st begin with programming and committal to writing, you don't wish to begin with an artificial language that has powerful syntax and peculiar rules.

Python is each legible and easy. it is also simple to set up; you don't ought to trot out any classpath issues like Java or compiler problems like C++.

Just install Python and you're done throughout the installation, it'll conjointly raise you to feature Python to the trail, which implies you'll be able to run Python from anyplace on your machine.

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