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Realtorplus.co.uk - Creating a successful property social network - How difficult can it be?

Press Release: December 31, 2009

The first question posed is Why a Property Social Network? Graham Briar provided the answer; Social Networking is without doubt a huge benefit to society. It allows people, around the world, to interact on a multitude of interests. Realtorplus.co.uk focuses on a dedicated subject allowing site visitors the ability to target their specific information needs.
For any Social Network it has to be a useful tool to the public, so what can you do with Realtorplus.co.uk?
Primarily the site delivers information in the form of Property Guides and Articles. These are compiled from a number of sources including site visitors. Guides and articles range from Buying Property in Albania to How to Concrete a Driveway, covering a wide variety of property related subjects. Graham said; We are constantly looking for guides and articles that will help grow our information available. We also allow publishers to market their goods and services within the articles, providing it is content relevant.
Like most property websites realtorplus.co.uk offers a Property Listing Service. In the true spirit of Social Networking this is completely free to both Homeowners and Commercial entities, such as estate agents and developers.
Since going live, some six weeks ago, there have already been a number of developments, including the Property Toolbar, allowing site visitors to download and keep track of whats new through the RSS, Twitter and Wordpress feeds. Other enhancements including a Mortgage Calculator and Currency Converter are also freely available.
Graham said; I am continually looking at new ways to improve the web site and the services and information it provides. In the short time of live operation we have had a lot of feedback from site visitors and I am pleased to say most is very positive and encouraging.
Its a great web site with lots of very useful information and services. Anyone needing property information, using realtorplus.co.uk will certainly find this network service invaluable. Di Tolland, SurvivalBooks.net December 2009.
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