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RealmCraft game 5.0.0: What's New?

Press Release: August 10, 2020

Realmcraft is a sandbox game. A lot of people get confused trying to understand how is that different from open world games. I would say, the most crucial difference is that sandbox games allow you to change the world around you — build and destroy anything and anywhere. They often have, but it’s not necessary.

What’s NEW in the 5.0.0 version?

  • Brand new USER INTERFACE (buttons, windows, menu, etc.)
  • New BLOCKS: Beacon, Lantern, Campfire, Sponge
  • New ITEMS: Trident, Shield, Crossbow
  • IN-GAME WIKI. Learn more about blocks and items reading their description (currently available only in English and Russian)
  • MAP. It displays a terrain around a player.



You probably can tell the difference between survival and creative modes just by the names: in creative mode, your character doesn’t have any limitations and even can fly, all the resources are available, no aggressive mobs trying to kick your ass — just create whatever you can imagine! If you’re patient enough.


In survival mode, you need to, like, survive. There are 4 levels of difficulty — on the easiest you can die if you try hard enough, and your resources are limited by what you can mine, and on the hardest, you can stay alive for maybe 5 minutes if you’re lucky. For lots of people, survival mode is more gambling because of the challenges it creates. It is much more satisfying to realize that everything is provided by your own efforts.


The third tab is “Worlds”. Commonly, when you create a world, it is generated randomly, and it only has natural landscapes, and some mines and dungeons. In that world, you can build houses, farms, dungeons, ships — lots of stuff — and change it in any way you can think of. Any moment you can share your world — and that’s exactly what can be found on the tab.



Besides usual modes, there are also some mini-games in RealmCraft. They regularly add new ones with the updates to keep it toned ;) Mini-games are short online multiplayer sessions on premade maps, in which you join a random team and fight against another team. At the moment they have 3 mini-games: snowball fight, egg wars, and bed wars.

WORLDS is also available in Multiplayer, so you can invite your friends to visit the same world as you — but all the changes you make will only remain for 24 hours. There is something philosophical about it…

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