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@RealDonaldTrump to Reach 30 Million...Mostly FAKE Followers on Twitter

Press Release: May 20, 2017

@RealDonaldTrump to Reach 30 Million...Mostly FAKE Followers on Twitter
Los Angeles, CA - Donald Trump will reach 30 million Twitter followers in a matter of days reports top PR firm Mohr Publicity. Most of those followers, according to many social media experts, will be fake robots purchased to make the President’s Twitter page look popular.
“Donald Trump adds at least one purchased robotic follower per second,” said a representative of Mohr Publicity. “These vacant, fake accounts have no activity, Tweets or profile photos. Their primary job is to make the purchaser’s Twitter page look better than it is.”

Mohr Publicity contends that buying active, real followers should be the only choice for someone in the President's position. "They The trouble with fake, cheap followers is that they tend to evaporate very quickly," says Mohr Publicity. Usually, according to the firm, Twitter.com does not condone this type of marketing and will quickly remove any fake followers it finds. This explains why the people behind the marketing of Trump’s Twitter page are forced to add nearly 100,000 fake profiles to his Twitter audience per day...everyday.

This calls into question: Is the popularity of @RealDonaldTrump actually real? While 30 million Twitter followers seems impressive, what does it actually mean when millions of these followers were purchased at bargain basement prices -- most likely from countries like Russia and the Middle East where the selling of cheap Twitter “bots” is big business? And why does the President-elect continue to pad his account to show additional growth?

“Today it is common for the most popular Twitter accounts on the Internet to be propped up by manufactured Twitter followers,” says Mohr Publicity CEO Sandra Mohr, "but we are in the business of delivering active USA Twitter followers so that our clients can be proud of the way their page looks when we are done.”

To see the number of bots added per minute to the President’s page, simply click on his Twitter page “followers” button, and refresh to watch the bots marching in at about 60-100 per minute.

The emergence of social media over the past few years has given rise to numerous ways a public figure can promote their position. Building a large “fan base” has become an important tool for marketing because it is one of the first ways the media and populace judge the “importance” of an individual. Still, there is probably more value in using a reputable company like Mohr Publicity to build social media status properly.

With today’s innovative online promotional tools authors, musicians, actors, singers, politicians and filmmakers finally have a fighting chance to compete with the big leagues. Just be sure to go with a reputable PR agency like Mohr Publicity to start safe, genuine growth that attracts fans and traffic in the weeks and months to come.

About Mohr Publicity:
Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. They specialize in social media and Internet promotions including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Their companies Born To Be Viral and Next Big Thing News keep clients up to date on the newest Internet promotions. Mohr Publicity was established in 1997.

Denise Hubbard
Mohr Publicity is located in Los Angeles, CA
Email: media@mohrpublicity.com
Phone: 213-446-6334
Website: http://mohrpublicity.com

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