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Real Estate Firms earn profits as more and more businesses seek flexible office space

Press Release: November 28, 2017

London, England – November 28, 2017

As the number of start up businesses has started to increase, they are looking for more and more flexible office space. This has given rise to a 17-fold increase in profits for real estate firms.
Pre-tax profits for real estate firms have risen to £123.7 million in the last six months. The real estate investment trust, which operates a string of London offices, saw their net rental income climb by 21pc to £46.1m. In the same period, the underlying value of its property grew by 3.5pc to £2.1bn.
Many real estate firms claim to have received good support from their clients in the first half of the year, especially since they were providing their clients with well connected, inspired spaces on flexible terms.
Real estate firms are even said to have made good progress on their refurbishment and redevelopment projects and have a strong pipeline of activity. This is said to help bring in a new and upgraded space to the market.
The core London office market has cooled since the Brexit vote but remains highly overvalued, which could lead to a correction.If businesses are to expand themselves in the current market, they need to secure their funds well in advance.
Today, there are various funding options made available to start-ups and SMEs (even larger organisations), that help their business grow without causing any further cash flow issues.
Nucleus Commercial Finance is a firm that provides help to businesses in need of an urgent injection of capital. They ensure that the best available funding option is provided to their clients at a very low rate compared to the banks, so that the company can successfully expand and sustain in the ever-growing market.
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