Home reakthrough product to achieve physical mental wellness in this pandemic by Social India Craft.

reakthrough product to achieve physical mental wellness in this pandemic by Social India Craft.

Press Release: July 18, 2020

Namitha Shukla, July 18, 2020
London, UK

A healthy body can combat this global pandemic. Immunity is the best watchman these days, everyone is checking for a way to improve it. This pandemic has spared us in a state of lockdown consistently, which is influencing our physical and mental wellbeing.

One of these requests to find a response for help in achieving a strong immunity. Social India Craft comes up with a unique fusion Mandala and Copper, the two most perfect ways to improve your physical and mental prosperity. Their extraordinary plan to join these two concepts to deal with restoring health.


Mandala Copper Bottle will bring light, harmony, and relaxation to your mind while enhancing blood circulation, increasing energy and detoxification of the body, also increasing energy and mental agility.

Mandala absorbs all your attention by being drawn into the designs and colors. Gradually you will feel more relaxed and a feeling of lightness and intuitive thoughts may arise. Copper is considered as an essential mineral to our body, not only is Copper helpful in keeping the digestive tract clean, but it also carries a potential for fortifying your body against harmful microbes.

The Indian Ayurveda system also recommends storing water overnight in a copper bottle and drinking it first thing in the morning for good health as it helps to balance all three elements (doshas — Kapha, Vata & Pitta), giving a boost to our immune system.

Searching for help on Kickstarter through its campaign, people can be a bit of the progression method and impact the aftereffect of this accomplishment, and help countless people to get benefitted.

Social India Craft, working at the grassroots level for the acceptable headway of authorities and skilled workers, moreover their systems. They revolve around urbanizing painstaking works including non-standard show-stoppers to make carefully assembled lifestyle utilities. This affiliation has given a sensible trade stage to help and move this undertaking of Mandala Copper Bottle.

You can back The Fusion on their Kickstarter campaign page now at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1238087407/the-fusion-mandala-and-copper-for-healthy-body-mind-and-soul; starting at £49 for the Mandala Copper Bottle. You can email at amit@socialindiacraft.com for more information.

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