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Ray Mc Nally Building A Sustainable Future For His King Long UK LTD

Press Release: November 20, 2015

King Long Ltd., is the No.1 manufacturing coaches and traveling buses such as city buses and school buses and minivans through its own R&D Company. It has mainly three manufacturing companies such as Xiamen bus and coach manufacturing base. Since it’s been founded there aren’t any drawbacks about this king Long bus, from 1988 to till now King Long held the top position in international trading market and for establishing the King Long buses across the world. Revenue of King Long United Automotive Co Ltd., increasing over the years.

Ray Mc Nally King Long used to be one of the Director of King Long trading markets. As a Director he gives all his efforts for the growth of the organization and also he works very hardly to get the top rank in international business. While King Long Ray Mc-Nally was there, the rise of the E-corporation takes place. Ray had the opinion to increase the King Long business international wide so, he started e-commerce and their business selling products or services has become much more complex through the internet.

These days business is mainly through the online marketing based on customer satisfaction. The E-corporation competition not between the products of the companies, it’s between the business models. Mc Nally takes the oath for the online marketing of King Long bus manufacturing company. Ray played crucial role for the King Long United Ltd., Mc-Nally has the qualities of leadership and shown the interest to turn the employees in a positive way to increase the revenue of company and King Long spread its name throughout the world in each and every aspect such as transporting buses to the other countries and maintained partnership with the EU countries.

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