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Ray Groschen Releases New Book – “A Life with UFOs: An Incredible True Story”

Press Release: April 23, 2020

For Immediate Release

The book tells the remarkable true story of Ray Groschen, who has witnessed 20 separate UFOs sightings. Probably more sightings than anyone else in the world. And if that wasn’t enough, he witnessed a UFO go into a wormhole right over his house in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix, Arizona, April 23rd, 2020, "A Life with UFOs: An Incredible True Story" is a fantastic tale of Ray Groschen, who has had more UFO sightings and seen more ships than anyone else on earth. The story is almost unbelievable except for the fact that the author had other witnesses with him. In the book, he explains the 20 separate UFO sightings and the 74 UFO craft he has witnessed. He never wanted anyone to know what he had seen since UFO sightings have always come with a stigma. But this exciting new book will keep readers on the edge of their seats because he helps the reader feel as if they have witnessed the sightings, too.

A Life with UFOs: An Incredible True Story starts with his first UFO sighting in 1975 while fishing with his wife and brother-in-law. The UFO came out of the forest, hovered above them, and then took off. He goes on to tell about when he and his son were together, and he had a strange feeling like someone was staring at him. He looked up, and to his surprise, two enormous silver saucer-shaped UFOs were hovering a couple hundred feet above them, staying there for an unbelievable five minutes. Sightings like these have happened on numerous occasions, and each chapter is about a UFO sighting.

He didn't know it at the beginning, but he has a gift to intuit when and where the UFOs will be and go to that place to witness incredible sightings of UFOs. He has had UFO sightings from Cumberland, Wisconsin, to St. Paul, Minnesota, to Glendale and Phoenix, Arizona, which is where most of his UFO encounters have occurred.In the book, A Life with UFOs: An Incredible True Story, he includes pictures of all the UFOs he witnessed for the reader to enjoy such as:

  • 16 round and silver UFOs flying in a military V formation right over his home
  • One black triangular UFO above his neighbors’ roof
  • A silver bell-shaped UFO hovering above a 7 – 11
  • Two silver saucer-shaped UFOs above author and his son while fishing
  • 27 UFO orbs surrounding his house while he and his wife were outside on their patio
  • An enormous fireball UFO doing acrobatics near the author and other witnesses
  • A chapter on the UFO going into the wormhole with a picture of the wormhole
  • Plus, witness accounts and MUFON investigative reports corroborating the evidence

The eBook came out first and went viral. It has been read around the world with customers in 16 countries. Readers are suggesting the book to their friends, which is a testament to how well the book, A Life with UFOs: An Incredible True Story, has been received. Ray Groschen proves that we are not alone and shows the readers just what has been flying around our skies.

About the Author:

Ray Groschen is a St. Paul, Minnesota, native but moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1996 to go to college and change careers. Graduating at the top of his class, he was sought after by top companies like Nabisco and Motorola. Trained as a webmaster, Ray Groschen made over 700 websites in his 13-year career, writing many companies’ worldwide content. He became disabled in 2009 and had to stop doing the job he loved so much. He enjoys his life with his wife, Sharon, in Phoenix, Arizona. For more about the author, please visit https://alifewithufos.com/about-author.

Groschen's book "A Life with UFOs: An Incredible True Story" is officially available for purchase/download at Amazon.com or visit: https://alifewithufos.com.

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