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Ratedpeople.com Offers Tips on Fireplace Efficiency

Press Release: January 22, 2010

Those home owners using fireplaces as a major method of warming their home should look to make it as efficient as possible in order to save energy according to Ratedpeople.com, the UKs largest matchmaking service for home improvers and recommended tradesmen.

Fireplaces installed without energy saving in mind can often take more heat away from a room than it actually supplies. When the fire sources air for the combustion process, it frequently uses the warm air around the fire, and it is often found that the warm air being produced is promptly vented up the chimney and replaced by cold air from outside.

The installation of a damper is very important in improving fireplace efficiency. A damper will serve to block the chimney whilst the fire is not being used, keeping warm air inside the room and preventing it from escaping. It is important to maintain dampers to ensure they are not allowing air to escape, and signs that hang from the damper handle will help the home owner remember if it is open or closed.

Glass doors can also go a long way towards preventing warm air from escaping the room up the chimney, whilst small vents at the bottom of these doors will provide the fire with the air that it needs to burn properly. If air can be ducted from the chimney, then this removes the need for vents altogether.

Andrew Skipwith, CEO and Founder of Ratedpeople.com, said: "The introduction of ducts and airflow mechanisms into fireplaces can go a long way towards improving their overall efficiency. There are many chimney or fireplace adapter sets available for home owners that can help to increase the efficiency of their fireplace by as much as 40 per cent."

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For further information on how to source a recommended tradesman in your area, visit Ratedpeople.com.

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