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Rakesh Narula & Co. (RNC) Joins as Knowledge Sponsor of 6th Business Valuation Summit in Delhi

Press Release: April 01, 2020

I-Deals Network will be organizing the 6th Business Valuation Summit in Delhi with Rakesh Narula & Co. as knowledge sponsor. The summit will be India’s largest gathering of valuers, corporate and thought leaders from the industry, including RNC Director, Sahil Narula to discuss the future of valuation on Tuesday, 30th July in Delhi.

In the one-day summit, business owners will discuss the new laws regarding valuation that are in the process of being drafted by government bodies. There will be a discussion on the requirement and importance of these laws and brainstorm on how these laws will impact the current practices of the valuation.

Why the need?

India is one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world. Unfortunately, there are no formal standards on business valuation; it lacks uniformity and generally adheres to the global valuation process. This summit is looking out to answer some genuine questions related to valuation through a panel discussion as top leaders keep forward their views.

Agenda of the Summit

In Panel 1, emphasis will be made on the following:

  • Importance of valuation in financial reporting
  • Valuation standards – standards for technological methodologies, ethics and professionalism
  • Proposed regulations in India
  • The ecosystem of the BV profession in India
  • The future of the business valuation profession
  • International and India designations

Panel 2 is dedicated to the young and enthusiastic startups who have loads of questions like:

  • How is it different from other business valuations?
  • What are the key issues and why they matter?
  • Is the valuation of Techstartups a bubble?

Panel 3 will take into account the private equity queries like:

  • Factors influencing valuation in PE investments
  • Difference between an Angel Investor, Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE)
  • Key deal breakers in PE interactions

Panel 4: Want to know more about M&A deals? Listen from the expert:

  • Business valuation in M&A deals
  • Difference between M&A and PE transaction
  • Requirements of valuation in M&A deals – accounting, tax, price discovery, stock markets, etc.
  • Key deal breakers in M&A transactions
  • Role of investment bankers in price discovery for M&A transactions
  • Identifying and tracking KPI in M&A deals

Panel 5 will stress on looking at the good side of the business valuations:

  • Valuation methodologies and challenges
  • Determine the cost of capital in India
  • Complex financial instruments
  • Contingent considerations

Private equities, startups and 200+ audience are expected to be a part of the summit. Register yourself now!

Rakesh Narula and Co. (RNC) is a leading name in providing techno-commercial services and is a leading valuation advisor with expertise in the domains of valuation of fixed assets for M&A, bank lending, dispute resolution, insolvency, financial reporting, compliances, etc.

Notes to editors

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