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RailRecipe Commences Food Delivery On Airports and Major Bus Routes PAN India

Press Release: November 12, 2020

With normal trains coming to halt amidst lockdown and the infection cases graph soaring, government put a hold on to every possible source of infection spreading modes. Now as we see a ray of hope, with cases declining in India and people adjusted to the new normal, the society is gradually getting back to where it was before the pandemic hit the world scenario. Festive celebrations, though not in full spree but are happening and society has moved on. With Food delivery in train restrictions still in place, RailRecipe is not delivering food on trains for the time being. However, if you are traveling via air, you can get food delivered at the airport from top restaurants across India.

RailRecipe- Now Delivering Food at Airports

RailRecipe has started food delivery services on other major modes of travel such as airports and buses. If you are traveling for meeting your parents at your relatives wedding or maybe planning for a homecoming on this Diwali festival, you can book homely food and get delivery outside the airport across India. RailRecipe has developed a network of restaurant partnership across major air destinations in India where one can get food delivered at no extra delivery charges and also at affordable cost.

Catering to Food Order in Trains and Bus Routes for Group Travelers

If you want to refrain from eating out and also want to enjoy food while traveling in groups, RailRecipe is the one choice for you. We cater to food delivery even on major bus routes. The food is served from our partner chain restaurant network across India. You may order as per your choice and convenience. Some of the food options available for ordering food are:

100% Pure Veg Food Options- RailRecipe offers food options for pure vegetarian food dinners. Under Vegan options, one can order breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Pure Jain Food: If you prefer pure Jain food during your journey, you may order pure Jain food from Jain restaurants across India. RailRecipe takes great care in food preparations for Jain customers. We have a custom menu for Jain food where one can order breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. All these are made under strict surveillance, keeping in mind, the guidelines to be followed while preparing Jain food.

Food for Diabetics and Elderly: RailRecipe also caters to special food preferences which are necessary for people suffering from few health issues like diabetics and other things. RailRecipe undertakes custom food orders for people suffering from diabetes and other ailments. We take special care when it comes to food preparation for the elderly and food delivery is ensured to keep them healthy even during travel.

Non-Veg Food Ordering- If you prefer, you can also order non-veg food for your journey with RailRecipe. One can choose from wider menu options and can order all course meals right from starters to main course and more.

Chinese Food Ordering- If you prefer to add Chinese food and crave for Chinese food all the time, RailRecipe has special arrangements for your preferences. You can order all you like from quick Chinese food to complete meals while traveling in a group.

South Indian Food Ordering- Don't want to loose the nostalgic taste of South Indian food for group travel plans, worry not as RailRecipe has a chain of restaurant partners from where you may order your favorite south Indian Idli-Sambhar breakfast and Dosa and South Indian Thali for your meals. RailRecipe also caters to special sweet dessert servings for family on wedding trip.

Order Cakes for Birthday and Other Celebrations With RailRecipe- If you wish to celebrate any occasion, be it someones Birthday or some random surprises, you can easily book celebration cakes of your choice with RailRecipe. We ensure customized celebration cakes as per your choice.

How to Order Meals for Your Travel Journey With RailRecipe?

Ordering Meals for all sort of group travel on airport and bus routes is easy. You may submit your group food order requests on our website or follow the underlined simple steps to book group food order for trains, airports and bus routes:

Call RailRecipe food advisor on 8051500064 (available from 7 AM to 11 PM).
Share your preferences and journey details.
Get a quote and order food for group travel for delivery at no extra charges.
You would receive all the food booking details on your e-mail and also via SMS.
Sit back and relax as we care for your food concerns.

If you are traveling on a wedding trip with your family members or on an excursion trip with your friends, you can now order food for group travel with RailRecipe. Happy dining!!

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