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Rahim Hassanally Auto Group Transition to a New Ownership

Press Release: February 15, 2019

The Camp Fire in California is proving to be one of the most catastrophic and lethal fires ever to hit the state, although wildfires have an intense effect on California for years. The repairs to residential and commercial buildings similar will cost millions of dollars, and the search for missing persons displaced during the flames is far from over. More than 70 lives have been taken by this tragic accident of fire so far as well as several businesses.

Due to this reason, a number of businesses in the city are facing a number of issues. Rahim Hassanally understands this concern and is planning for the transition to new ownership. As the fire spread through the dry region, it took various homes and business buildings down in its pathway, causing as much difficulty for commercial enterprises as neighboring residents. Momentum Auto Group of Rahim Hassanally owns 9 dealer locations in Solano County that was significantly affected by the fires and has determined it was finest to for the time being close and transition to fresh ownership.

The automation group contributes hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in tax payments, making it a beneficial business in the Solano County area. The Momentum group is one of the leading payers of sales tax in the county, at a standard of $15 million yearly. Momentum Auto Group is also one of the major payroll taxpayers in Solano County, at a standard of $7.5 million yearly.

While wildfires in the city weren’t the only cause of a short-term close and changeover to fresh ownership, their effects all across the dealership chain were the main deciding factors. Because of tremendously deprived air quality linked with the Camp Fire, both sales employees and technicians have been not capable to execute their duties. The condition of the city was very much terrible as the fires raged on; fewer people were concerned with vehicle purchases, the main divergence from the in general lucrative season. Consumers didn’t carry out normal business patterns due to the poor and harmful air excellence, costing the dealerships a big loss in incomes.

Due to the income losses caused by the Camp Fire, and in combination with the above-mentioned situation, Momentum Auto Group of Rahim Hassanally finally decided that it was best to temporarily close their doors and transition to fresh ownership. The group is certain that fresh ownership will productively pick up Momentum Auto Group from current circumstances and conquer the destitution caused by the California Camp Fire. After this year’s difficulty, Rahim Hassanally and his group of leaders behind Momentum Auto Group understand they desired to find fresh ownership that could guide the chain of dealerships into a profitable prospect. While locations are predictable to reopen in this year soon and under new management the company will open its doors once again. In the meantime, the Momentum Auto Group is opening a customer service center so that they can help you in resolving your queries in the meantime.
This service in the meanwhile will provide tremendous benefit to customers who or else must wait until new management is all set to reopen dealership doors before completing continuing continuation requests. The customer service center will be a short-term solution to make certain customers have the right to use to promise resources while the company transitions time.

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