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Radio Advertising - The Benefits

Press Release: July 24, 2015

Did you know there are over 300 commercial radio stations in the UK? It's like another world, built up of local, national and regional stations.

With this in mind it makes sense that one of the main advantages of radio advertising is efficient targeting. Depending on your target demographic you can pick and choose the most appropriate stations to reach the right audience.

Not only that, radio advertising allows you to reach the relevant people at the perfect times of day for example you want to advertise a new car, what better time than during rush hour? You know what it's like you're in your car feeling a little fed up; your eyes and mind begin to wander - 'when did that stain get on the passenger seat?'... 'Has the engine always made that noise?'... 'that car in front is nice!'. What a perfect time to broadcast a new car ad!

How many times have you being watching TV and fast forwarded through the adverts? Or received a leaflet through your door and chucked it in the bin? Radio advertising is different and on of the very few medias that offer low ad avoidance - people are less likely to switch over from the station they are listening to due to an ad.

Even though we might not, well out loud at least, in may cases radio is a friend, a travelling companion. Listeners feel they have a personal relationship with the presenters - this is down to the informal presenting style and the language they use, making you feel involved and as if they are personally talking to you. People often listen to the radio within an environment they're comfortable in, making people more responsive to the messages they hear.

Lastly, have you ever seen the lead times for print media? We're talking around six weeks in most cases to allow sign off, artwork to be created, printing, packing and distribution. Radio advertising - you don't need any of that, so it makes a great reactive media due to its turnaround time and flexibility.

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