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Rachna Sagar’s Updated Together With CBSE Study Material for Class 9 Out in the Market Now

Press Release: August 08, 2020

Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 4.30 PM:

Mr Lalit Gupta, a leading entrepreneur in the publishing industry and the Chairman and Managing Director of Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd gladly announced the release of Together With CBSE Class 9 study material for all subjects, in a recent online interview.

The release of the study material for class 9 has relieved the stress among students appearing in CBSE exams. One of the most popular products of Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd, Together with study material for class 9 has all those features, which are most commonly sought by Class 9 students and faculty. The study material is available for all class 9 subjects, viz. Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Hindi A, Hindi B, Sanskritam, French,  Science, Social Science, ASL and Be a Genius.

The following features of Together With study material for class 9 differentiate it from other study materials available in the market:

  • Based on CBSE syllabus
  • Chapter-wise flow charts
  • NCERT textbook questions with answers
  • Important and HOTS questions
  • Practice questions (Answers available at gowebrachnasagar.com)
  • Unsolved Practice Papers (Answers available at gowebrachnasagar.com)
  • Simple and easy-to-understand content

In the interview, Mr. Gupta stated that the relevance of Together With study material for class 9 will only be known once a user buys and studies it well. The Together With study material is an all-in-one pack for any class 9 subjects you’ve been seeking guidance for. What else a student needs to get the best marks in Class 9? Hard work, of course. So, Mr. Gupta asked the students to practice this book whole-heartedly and watch their academic growth live.

Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd has used every possible course to bring the best content in the form of study material for class 9. The books have been prepared in a simplified way for a clear understanding of the concepts and formulas. Emphasizing the quality of content in study material for class 9, Mr. Gupta told that these books have been prepared by a team of expert professional faculty and authors, who very well understand the concepts and theories of the subject and have explained them in a simplified manner in this book.

Wishing excellent results for every student of class 9, Mr. Gupta concluded his interview and left for an online book conference right away.

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