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Raasi and Rasal, the youngest authors from lndia

Press Release: November 14, 2020

Rasal, Raasi the youngest
Book authors from India.

New Delhi:
Brothers Rasal and Raasi wrote ten books so far both for five years in a line of Iiterature are the 5th and 6th standard students in Cresent school Adakkakundu.

"Rainbow can
be seen", 2016
"Blue Wave", 2017
"River Falls", 2018
"White Lightning" 2019
"Rain and umbrella" 2020
are Rasal's books.

"Tree Leaves" 2016
"A Playhouse in the Blue Sky", 2017
"Raindrops Shine", 2018
"Small Flowers in the Garden" 2019
"Vast Earth" 2020
are Raasi's books.

The children
Rasal and Raasi both from kerala entered to the world of liiterature since they were the inmates of UKG and I st Standard students.

in 2017, two small books of
collections of poems written by them were released by sri. Akkittham, namely "Neelathiramala" and " Neelaakashatthiloru Kaliveedu ".

Their first books ( collection of poems ) "Maratthinte ilakal " of Raasi and Rasal's "Mazhavillu Kaanaam" were released Mentor njanapeedom Sri Vasudevan Nair in 2016.

Rasal wrote 123 Poems in his five books
(One hundred and twenty-three).

Raasi also wrote 97 small poems and small proses.

"Mazhavillu Kaanaam", (2016) "Neelatthiramaala", (2017)
"Puzhayile vellachaattam", (2018) "Vellanirathil idimirnal" (2019)
"Mazha Paydu Kuda Choodi "(2020)
Are Rasal's five books.

"Maratthinte ilakal"
'Neelaakaashatthiloru kaliveedu (2017)
"mazhatthullikal thi langunnu", (2018)
"Poonthottatthile cheriya Pookkal" (2019)
"Visaalamaaya Bhoomi"
are Raasi's five books.

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