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Quick Maps Revolutionizing Sales with Live Tracking & Auto Scheduling

Press Release: March 30, 2020

30-March -2020, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – AppJetty, Quick Maps, a product byAppJetty, is a prominent solution that empowers the sales & marketing teams with optimized route planning. A Dynamics 365 Product that lets users visualize the CRM data on the Map. It is an ultimate planner that helps the sales & marketing managers to effectively manage their team’s daily activities. Some of the features of this product are the shortest route first, territory management, geo-analytical dashboard, and many more. They recently extended their list with two new features namely Auto Scheduling and Live Tracking in the latest release.


“The day-to-day operations are picking up the pace like never before. To cope up in such times, our customers need to act proactively when on the field,” said Maulik Shah, the CEO of AppJetty. He further added that “After identifying the need for proactiveness while on the go, we planned our sprints to include Auto Scheduling and Live tracking in our product. Now users can have an automated optimized route based on their starting point with Auto Scheduling. Live tracking is also one of the prominent features designed especially for managers to help keep up with multiple reps simultaneously.”


“The Auto Scheduling will be applied to all the records plotted onto the map. Hence, after visualizing the records on the map, users can select their starting points from where they want to start. If they have a total of 30 pins, they can plan their entire month’s schedule with this feature. Based on the Shortest route first, it will automatically optimize the route for the rep, hence minimizing the cost as well as distance.” Said a key developer of the product. He further added that “It can take hours to come up with that best shortest route. Whereas with our tool, they can simply plot the records, time period and their routes will be ready along with day wise allocations. Furthermore, when combined these features with others like territory management, User configuration, sales operations can experience an even bigger impact on their operations.’


“Live tracking is the second major feature of this release. Sometimes on-field reps need to communicate with the managers in real-time. With Live tracking, managers will be able to track their team members in real-time when they’re on the field. This will eliminate redundant communication, and they can keep up with their reps without having to switch between too many apps. When managers have to manage multiple reps onto the map, it becomes easier for them to keep up with every one of them without any miscommunication.” said Maulik Shah.


QuickMaps is the product by AppJetty, a well-known Product Development Company. They specialize in catering to various industries with their feature-rich solutions. If you want to try out their product, you can visit their website https://www.appjetty.com/dynamicscrm-quick-maps.htm and check how this product can work for your business.

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Quick Maps is a product of the Dynamics 365 mapping tool that helps you visualize CRM data on Map when on the go. They recently updated their product with Live tracking and Auto scheduling features making their solution more apt to customer requirements.

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