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Questions to Ask Why Eat Trail Mix - Answered By Health Experts

Press Release: November 30, 2020

Trail mix is an assorted collection of almonds, cashews, oats, peanuts, cranberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, or dried fruits. The combination can vary from brand to brand. 

You are wondering can I consume the trail mix as a snack and whether it is a healthier option. Read on further to know about the health benefits of consuming the Lark Ellen Farm trail mix. 

What are the health benefits of Trail Mix? 

The option is delicious yet guilt-free that serves your hunger pangs. It is an incredible combo of several essential vitamins that aids in maintaining a healthy heart and minimize cholesterol levels. Nuts help you to lower the LDL levels and level downs heart-related inflammations. 

Nutritional Values 

It might vary according to the composition of your trail mix. In general, nuts and seeds are natural sources of protein, fiber, and Omega 3 fatty acids. The dried fruits add-ons to the trail mix provide the extra fruity, sweety, and punchy flavors. For instance, dried apricots and prunes increase your metabolism. 

Reasons to Consume Trail Mix 

A vital source of protein 

Nuts and seeds are composed of essential natural plant protein, which is a building block of our bodies. 

Low in Glycemic index 

The Lark Ellen Farm trail mix has a low GI index, which slows down the rate of glucose release into the bloodstream eliminating sugar spikes. 

The essential source of fiber 

A balanced diet should include fiber, which protects you from heart ailments, diabetes, and aids in weight management, and enhances gut and digestive health. 

Part of one of your 5-a-day diet 

The recommended healthy diet consists of five servings of fresh fruits per day, and the dried fruits added to the trail mix fulfill the dietary requirements and provides you with all vital vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The dried fruits generally sustain the nutrition value of fresh fruits. 

Heart-healthy nuts 

Regular consumption of nuts as a part of a healthy diet lowers your blood LDL levels and brings down the chances of heart diseases. 

Aids in weight loss 

Many people relate nuts with weight gain, but in contrast, consuming nuts provides a satiated feeling that bolsters your efforts in weight loss. People who consume moderate quantities of nuts in their diet regularly appear leaner than those who don't take. 

Best Time to consume Trail Mix 

It is a suitable snack option for people suffering from low sugar levels amidst meals. The trail mix is a readily available, healthy, tasty, and cost-effective munchy option. 

Best Place to consume Trail Mix 

Trek Friendly 

The trail mix supplies your body with the energy needed for treks. Few variations of trail mix have high calories that provide extreme fuels as continuous hikes cost your energy levels. 

Office Friendly 

The 4'o clock hunger pangs at office hours make you run for unhealthier munch options as a soda can or a bag of fries, so replace it with a healthier and handful of Lark Ellen Farm trail mix. 


The above-profiled information reveals the health benefits of the Trail mix. You can pick from the Chocolate Chipotle,  Sweet and Salty, Nut & Seed Mix, Cumin Crunch options available online. The Lark Ellen Farm trailblazers consist of sprouted and air-dried nuts and seeds that lock in all the essential nutrients.  

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