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Questions that a developer asks themselves before Python coding.

Press Release: July 19, 2020

The different options for development covered in a Python course

What are the two things that a developer asks before they start coding? Covered in a Python training

There are two questions that a developer asks themselves before coding. This would be covered in a Python course they are:

  1. Which is the environment that the developer is comfortable working with? Do they feel its MAC? Rather, are they content by using Windows? Or else they are a purist and believe in using Linux?
  3. What is your long-term goal? Perhaps you want to create desktop GUI apps for Windows users. Rather, one may want to design a web application. Ask yourself why you picked Python?



The options available to developers based on the answers to these questions

A python course would give one options based on the answers to these questions: they are:

Linux: Python was initially created for the Linux environment. It runs flawlessly on the Linux platform. Similarly, the functioning on multiple versions of Python on the same machine is simple due to the struggles of the Python community and its adoption of PEP 394. Linux itself has many ecosystems. What are they? It will be covered in a Python course for sure.

Ubuntu: By default, both Python 2.7 and Python 3.5 are available in Ubuntu 16.04.

Arch: On the arch Linux distributions, Python 3.5 comes built-in and can be used with the “python” command.

Red Hat Linux and the CentOS: They also have Python 2.7 in their latest releases. UNIX distributions usually do not have Python installed because they want to keep the machine free for enterprise applications. However, Python course tells you that it can be compiled from the source at ease.

Windows: The task of web development of applications is simple in windows. Head over to Python downloads site, then download the latest version of Python3.5. After deployment, you need to just set up the path variable to be able to access the Python command.



To conclude, one just needs to ask the right questions as to why they have chosen Python. After that, one can choose one of the options given in a Python Course.

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