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Quarter of holidaymakers unaware that DIY holidays don't have same protection

Press Release: April 15, 2010

Three quarters of those surveyed by Quidco said they usually or sometimes book each part of their holiday independently, rather than as a package. But one in four people rising to four in ten under-25s were unaware that unlike package holidays, DIY trips are not protected by ATOL. In the event of an airline collapse, DIY holidaymakers only have protection if they have bought an insurance policy with Scheduled Airline Failure Cover, or can claim against their credit or Visa debit card.

Over-65s were found to be the most independent travellers, with just 17% saying they always chose a package deal. They were also the most impulsive, with one in four saying they spend less than two hours researching and booking their main annual holiday, compared to an average of 8 hours.

At the other end of the spectrum, 18 - 24 year olds were the most likely to always book a package deal (28%) and to buy their travel insurance through the travel agent, tour operator or airline they booked their trip with (20%). One in eight (13%) told Quidco that they travel without insurance.

Four in ten people said they shopped around for the cheapest foreign currency. Quidco also found that:

* People in Yorkshire are the most savvy about shopping around to get the best deal on their foreign currency (46%) while those from the rest of the North-East are the least likely to compare prices (30%)
* Londoners are the most likely to leave it until the last minute to buy currency at the airport (5%)
* A third of Welsh holidaymakers are unaware that DIY holidays have less financial protection
* The most impulsive travellers hail from the West Country one in ten spend less than two hours researching and booking their main annual holiday
* People living in the South (Thames Valley, Sussex and Kent) spend the longest planning their break - 42% devote at least 12 hours to the task
* Careful Scots and Midlanders are the least likely to risk going on holiday without buying insurance (2%)
* People from the Borders are the most interested in feedback from fellow holidaymakers - 86% will use customer review sites when researching their holiday
* The luckiest travellers are from the East of England, where just 14% have made a travel insurance claim
* People in the North-West are least likely to turn to travel agents for inspiration (39%) and prefer to do their research online at travel booking sites and customer review websites
* Scots are the most likely to turn to newspapers and magazines for holiday inspiration (25%).

Nicola Frame from Quidco says:

"Holidaymakers on a budget might think they can risk travelling without insurance, but if you compare the cost of an insurance policy with the potential cost of lost baggage, missed flights or a return flight to the UK if you get stranded by a collapsed airline, the question should really be, can you afford not to?

"We'll happily spend several hours researching and booking our summer holidays, so its worth spending just a few minutes more to shop around for the best deal on currency and insurance. It might be more convenient to buy from the travel agent or operator you book with, or change your money at the airport, but you're likely to pay well over the odds if you do."


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* Survey of 1,049 Quidco members, April 2010

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