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Press Release: October 27, 2020

Marriage anxiety occurs in most of the adults because of different factors. So, if you anxious aabout your marriage or you have any issue concerning your marriage, You can consult our wonderful psychologist at Sandiego therapy. San diego therapist will never let you out for your psychological problems based on their quality services. Some of us are sensitive by nature and look at the world from a different perspective, but our therapy for highly sensitive person is especially for those who are sensitive and psychologist treat him/her according to his/her nature.

Our psychologists are specialists in helping relationships and individuals to succeed, not just survive, as a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in couples counseling in San Diego but also offer divorce counseling. People are motivated to achieve further satisfaction in the present by knowing yesterday and to realise dreams in the future.  In relationship therapy, marital therapy, pair counselling, or individual counselling, they made people realize that it is an act of bravery to embark on a journey. Our psychologist san diego offer services concerning marriage include

  • Anxiety, stress and depression of marriage 
  • Worries about medicine and wellbeing 
  • Sorrow and Loss 
  • Job and employment questions 
  • The Control of Stress 
  • Addiction & Recuperation 
  • Issues about parenting and family 
  • Phobia and Panic Attacks 
  • Problems of sex and relationships 
  • Resolving Dispute


Therapy for highly sensitive person has been designed for sensitive and different people. They may sometimes feel frustrated and struggle easily with conditions that others seem to cope with. Highly sensitive people (HSPs) can feel that there must be something different with them which need to be addressed through all of these communications and interactions.


It is not a disorder to be extremely sensitive. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V (DSM-V), which is the specialist guide for identifying mental health issues, you can find no evidence of it. Instead, sensitivity is widely recognised as a characteristic of temperament and as part of the  inherent temperament of an individual, much like being inherently outgoing, trustworthy or independent. The common characteristics of highly sensitive person are based on the fact that possesses five senses, strong emotional sense, other people and themselves.


In the one hand, these attributes can bring so much wealth and sophistication to life, and on the other hand, they might create an oppressive sensation and a need to hide from the world. 

We would love to help you and your growth in therapy if you are tired of feeling stressed and disappointed with yourself and is prepared to discover some healing.


Our expert psychologist san diego well understand the nature of HSPs and offer treatment according to their need. They use various psychological strategies to counsel their patient regarding marriage. They uplift people to share their marriage and couples issues with them in a friendly environment and get a reliable and insistent solution to that. We also help people to overcome divorce anxiety and made them feel their own existent in the world. 


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