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Quality-Rich Cattle Panels Available at New Bridge Services

Press Release: February 20, 2020

Sydney, 20th February 2020: A leading  supplier of industrial and farm equipment in Australia, New Bridge Services has a new stock of high quality panels for farm owners with cattle yards in Sydney.

Cattle panels help to keep cattle and livestock safe in vast expanses of farm and must be installed with proper gaps to let the animals move around comfortably. The team at New Bridge Services takes such factors into account while designing its panels.

Customers buying such equipment from New Bridge Services are also assured of on-time delivery. All pieces are tightly packed and can be installed soon after they reach the site.

The panels have a smooth finish and are known for their durability even in extremes of weather. The robustness of their cattle handling equipment has made the New Bridge brand a top choice for farm managers across Australia.  Some of the products are also exported to New Zealand.

In addition to cattle panels for farms in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, the organisation also manufacturers products such as skip bins and hook lift bins. These large containers help in collecting waste materials and make cleaning tasks more efficient.

Commercial waste management agencies, recycling teams and construction companies usually buy their skip bins from New Bridge Services due to their regular usage of such items. Households on the other hand can hire them for periodic tasks such as spring cleaning, home renovation, garden cleaning and landscaping.

New Bridge is an environmentally responsible organisation, particular about its manufacturing and packaging practices. The company is committed to minimal waste and also encourages its clients to send the trash thrown in skip bins to recycling plants.  

Norman Barlow who has purchased both cattle panels and skip bins from New Bridge Services says, “A skip bin for landscaping work at my farm was the first thing I purchased from New Bridge Services. My initial idea was to hire one but when I saw the quality of their products I was happy to buy the container. Even after the landscaping work, it comes in handy for cleaning at the site. And I also purchased some cattle panels to make a comfortable shelter for my farm animals. I do recommend this brand to others looking for bins and other heavy work equipment.”

About New Bridge Services

Australia based New Bridge Services is an established manufacturer of a wide range of products used across industries. The company has two huge manufacturing units located in Taiwan and China. Incepted in the year 2001, the company is a leading pioneer in temporary fence and now specialises in manufacturing products in skip bins, hook lift bins, F.R.P grating, expanded metal, steel grating & handrails, cattle handling equipment and Composite Decking. New Bridge Services also has export offices in Hong Kong and Middle East offering the clients CNF/CIF prices for the products range.

Contact Details:

New Bridge Services

72, Peet Street, Pakenham, Vic 3810

Phone: +61 43791 11 95, +61 39702 60 78

E-mail: sales@newbridgeservices.com.au 

Website: https://www.newbridgeservices.com.au   

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New Bridge Services

Tel: +61 43791 11 95

Email: sales@newbridgeservices.com.au

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