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Qualified Dentists in London offer Teeth Whitening for a Dazzling Smile

Press Release: October 21, 2016

Marylebone, London, 20 October, 2016 – The team of Dr. Siavas Mirfendereski, a reputed dentist is doing wonders in recreating smiles with teeth whitening treatment. With such talent, the clinic has gained immense popularity in building improved appearances of people with a fading smile.

The process is initiated to treat discolored, stained and dull teeth and render a beautiful smile as an asset to one’s personality. The evolving techniques of whitening have proved to be beneficial in restoring smiles of a large number of patients.

In a personal interview with Dr. Siavas Mirfendereski, he revealed, “From years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, I have noticed how the process of whitening has rendered miraculous results to the patients. At our renowned clinic, we provide various methods of teeth whitening to the seeking patients based on their need and concerns. We understand that like your body, your teeth also undergoes changes and the fading colour of your precious gems is a part of the transition cycle. With our treatment at our London Teeth Whitening Clinic, we have made a positive move to retain your lost smile.”

He also added, “Our motive behind setting up the reputed dental clinic is to rebuild your fading smile by restoring the diminishing brightness.”

At London Teeth Whitening, various types of methods are performed to render effective and satisfactory outcome. The methods include laser whitening, professional bleaching, zoom whitening, and enlighten whitening. In laser whitening, a gel is applied on your teeth with a laser beam focused on the targeted teeth. This takes just an hour to give efficient results. Professional bleaching is the most common way which involves fixing trays in your mouth filled with bleaching gel. An advanced zoom power lamp is focused over the whitening gel on the tooth to reinforce the bleaching process of zoom whitening. Enlighten tooth whitening improves the shade of your tooth to its lightest with its enlightening technique. It is an at-home process of two weeks bleaching followed by a consultation session with your dentist.

Anyone who is looking forward to smile rejuvenation, should visit the best teeth whitening clinic in London. The effective cosmetic treatment can ensure positive results in just a few hours and if maintained with proper oral care, the achieved result can last forever.

About London Teeth Whitening – This is an acclaimed dental clinic providing the most efficient techniques of improving the shades of your tooth. The experienced and dedicated cosmetic dentists in the clinic are focused in ensuring the most suitable and desired outcome to the patients. This wonderful approach of cosmetic dentistry is an effective way out for your discoloured and stained teeth.

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