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QixSpin will be available 22 Jan 2016 on the Apple App Store

Press Release: January 10, 2016

UK based Tigertail Games today announces the up and coming release of QixSpin

QixSpin is an intense vibrant action packed time based puzzle game. You will need maximum concentration and super-fast reflexes to win. Simplicity in design makes this game fun and easy to pick up for all ages. Progression through the game is fluid as you earn your stars and bid to unlock all the stages. Gain achievements and best the online leaderboards. Replay levels to gain that elusive Gold star to unlock all hidden levels and gain every ‘Gamecenter’ achievements.

Available January 22nd 2016.

Time is your enemy in QixSpin, your task is to locate the active shape (a Red Square for instance displayed in the HUD) as quickly as possible on the central spin-able object and Tag it! Tagging the right shape will activate the next shape. The quicker you do this the better score you achieve; Tag continuous shapes without the tag bonus meter running out to increase your final score multiplier bonus. Just one of the ways you can improve your score and reach the top of the leaderboards!

Be the Quickest and be the best!

Features include:
60 levels of fun packed adrenaline action
Addictive pick-up and play puzzle gameplay
Beautiful High-definition vibrant graphics using dynamic HDR lighting
60fps fluid graphics
Multiple control systems to choose from
Gamecenter leaderboards
25 achievements to unlock

Tigertail Games: http://www.tigertailgames.co.uk/
QixSpin: http://www.tigertailgames.co.uk/?page_id=90
YouTube Video (Launch Trailer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLKFeX-tt5E

Tigertail Games is a mobile games developer who aim to produce fun, playable and unique games. The company boasts an highly experienced staff with a collected experience of over 25 years in the industry creating the finest games for the new generation. Visit Tigertail Games to see what we can do for you! All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2016 Tigertail Games. All Rights Reserved.

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