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PV Monitoring Software Comparison: Up to 87% Savings Potential

Press Release: June 16, 2020

There are more than 70 software solutions for plant monitoring with different functions and prices. In order to clear this jungle, Solytic has created a compact overview of ten professional solutions.

Until now it has been complicated to select the right software for O&M providers. Especially because most installers manage a mixed portfolio of private, commercial and industrial (C&I) systems, sometimes even solar parks. Keeping track and making the right choices is difficult because
- prices vary.

- it is often unclear whether these solutions contain the necessary functions to meet modern O&M requirements.

- there are also solutions with functions that a C&I service provider does not use but pays for.

Optimizing data processes

Between complex SCADA solutions for utilities and free manufacturer solutions for the residential sector, service providers for C&I plants have their own needs. For portfolios with plant sizes from 30 kWp to 10 MWp, the focus is on process optimization of monitoring. Monotonous tasks, such as the search for yield-relevant errors, ticket management and report generation, must be supported by the software.

Solytic believes in transparency and has therefore published a compact extract comparing the solutions of Solar-LogTM, Meteocontrol, SMA, Gantner Instruments, Envision, Powerdoo, QOS Energy, 3E and Solytic. It is important to know which solutions offer the best price/performance ratio for your needs.

The monitoring comparison enables decision-makers to save time, find the right feature package and reduce license costs.

The compact comparison can be found ​here​.

About Solytic:

The Berlin-based tech company consists of experienced PV professionals, IT developers and entrepreneurs. Solytic currently manages a total of about 100,000 systems in its solar PV monitoring portals.
For further information on the company, please visit​ www.solytic.com​.

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